Head of Operations (Group)

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Zambia
  • Date Posted:
Job Description:

Overview of the Company

Alistair Group, with offices in Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique &
the DRC, is a logistics company in East & Southern Africa. We provide facilities for road freight, Material Handling, Warehousing & Clearing.

Job Description

Alistair Group is looking for a strong leader in an asset-heavy division, our biggest revenue driver and our biggest service line.
In order to run this service and expand our company to double its size in record time, we are looking for an individual leader as well as a problem solver and strategist.

Are you a person who loves mentoring and improving individuals?
Would you like to do stuff differently? Please take a look at the overview below if this sounds like you, we’d love
to hear from you about your experiences and how you brought creativity, growth to a company.

Reports to-Head of Transportation

* Company operating Hours: 24/7-Monday to Friday with alternate Saturday mornings

* Travel-A minimum of 50% for the area.

* Centered on a routine trip to Tanzania / Namibia / Mozambique / South Africa from Zambia.

What you need to have (these are important to this role’s success):—

* Degree in the required sector

* Qualifications & training in leadership

* Six Sigma / Kaizen / expertise in Process Engineering

*Experience As a senior manager of a shipping, freight forwarding or other relevant technology-driven business, at least 5 years

* Good record in leading a rising division

Main goals include:

* Leading a team effectively through 5 different geographies, including 5 Operations Leads, Lead Monitoring & Lead Subcontracting

* Identifying and driving performance enhancement opportunities across fleets and introducing opportunities for cost and process optimization.

* Interfacing internally with main stakeholders

* Financial and organizational performance enhancement

* Advocating and introducing uniform operating procedures; standardizing network-wide workflows, leading and operating plan for aggressive business growth.

* Working as a change agent in the organisation to instill teamwork, coordination, vision and problem-solving skills.

* Working on delivery success, asset quality, versatility of supply and availability while improving the bottom line results of the business

*As a Best in Class company, reducing costs, rising service standards and achieving operational excellence

Providing leadership and developing the company to be the best in the industry for continued aggressive growth.

In your submission, please share the following details:-

— The size of the fleet for which you were responsible and what it consisted of

— the size of the staff you were in charge of

— What inventions did you bring to the company?

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