Assistant Property Manager

Zambia, Full Time Applications have closed

1. The employee will be mainly responsible for the following tasks and other tasks related to successful function of all managed properties:
1.1 Market rentals via our channel manager (on all booking platforms) and social media pages to maximise exposure and confirmed reservations.
1.2 Maintain a calendar of reservations via our channel manager to prevent double-bookings and view upcoming rentals.
1.3 Timeously respond to inquiries, questions and communication from potential guests reaching out on various channels such as Phone Calls, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, Website, Phone calls, etc.
1.4 Send out quotations and invoices to clients as requested and endeavor to successfully confirm bookings by facilitating collection of payments (via cash, card or bank transfer) , issue payment receipts and once booking paid for and confirmed, send out confirmation messages and e-mails to guests.
1.5 Facilitate housekeeping of all properties, including checking stock necessities, electricity levels, Wi-Fi , DSTV and carrying out purchasing function as and when necessary .
1.6 Bank any cash money received periodically as and when required.
1.7 Liaise with and communicate with various owners, as and when necessary on managed properties
1.8 Prepare monthly statement reports of income and expenditure to on managed properties. After reconciling net income, capture payouts to owners on online banking and request authorization from director
1.9 In the event that the Hospitality Manager is on leave or unavailable
1.9.1 Liaise with and meet with guests to exchange keys, collect payments and induct at the beginning of stays and facilitate check out arrangements at the end of each stay.
1.9.2 Liaise with and meet potential guests for viewings of the various properties
1.9.3 Manage guests, communicate with guests and ensure guest satisfaction
1.9.4 Perform routine inspections for damage, theft or wear and tear in between guest change overs, write out report and facilitate emergency or routine maintenance on each property.
1.10 Supervising Responsibilities:
1.10.1 Other Employees: responsible for making sure that other personnel at the various managed properties. (Housekeepers, security, maintenance personnel and grounds-men) are carrying out their duties accordingly.
1.10.2 Suppliers/ Contractors: responsible for making sure that other suppliers and contractors that we use, carry out their duties, as and when required
1.11 HR & Procurement:
1.11.1 Seek quotations from various suppliers, write and send out payment requisitions to directors, capture payments on online banking platform and payment authorization from directors.
1.11.2 Capture Log of Absenteeism, Leave Days, Employee Start Dates and End Dates
1.11.3 Prepare Employee Contracts and do first induction as well as arrange for specific induction for particular position.
1.11.4 Ensure Employee Contracts are up to date and arrange for renewal or exit of expired contract.
1.11.5 Capture supplier and employee monthly salaries and fees on online banking platform on last week of the month and seek authorization from directors.
1.11.6 Use company bank card to stock up on supplies for running of the business, including but not limited to cleaning materials, consumables, fuel, etc. from main retail centers.