Auto Electrician

Solwezi, Zambia, Full Time Negotiable

Synite Quarries Zambia Limited (SQL) was duly registered in 2007 and it’s based in Northwestern province, Solwezi to be specific. The principal business activities of the company are supplying of aggregates, mining, Building Construction, Road Construction and Plant Hire. The company is also in general trade which includes Haulage business. The company is urgently looking for the suitably qualified candidates to fill in the position of an Auto Electrician * 1.
Auto Electrician Job Description
An Auto Electrician is an Electrician who specializes in the electric systems contained within automotive vehicles. An Auto Electrician is an expert on all of the systems in both heavy duty and Light vehicles that you only notice when something goes wrong. Your headlights, diagnostic lights, alarm system, circuit board, alternator and starter motor all fall under the Auto Electrician’s domain of expertise.
Auto Electrician Duties and Responsibilities
An Auto Electrician will perform several duties and responsibilities throughout their workday.
Perform Diagnostic Electrical Tests as Needed
The primary duty of an Auto Electrician will to use electronic diagnostic equipment to diagnose electrical issues within a vehicle. He or she should be comfortable hooking up vehicles to the diagnostic machine and able to quickly interpret results.
Undertake Electrical Repairs on Various Vehicles
Once an Auto Electrician diagnoses an issue within a vehicle’s electrical systems, He or should be able develop and execute a repair plan for said issue. Given that today’s vehicles are increasingly electronic, this includes, but is not limited to: alarm systems, windows and locks, interior and exterior lighting and the internal CPU.
Install New Interior Electrical Systems
Another duty of the Auto Electrician is to install interior electrical systems. This includes GPS systems.
Test Headlight Alignment and Intensity
One of the primary diagnostic tests performed by an Auto Electrician is headlight alignment and intensity.
Operate Hand and Power Tools
When it comes to actually performing repairs and doing the wiring for installations, an Auto Electrician must operate hand and power tools to complete the job. This requires manual dexterity and a strong attention to detail to ensure all wires are correctly installed.
Auto Electrician Skills
An Auto Electrician must use a collection of technical skills to do their job well. Not only must they have a working knowledge of electricity, He or she must have an extensive knowledge of the increasingly complex electrical systems found in different types of vehicles. Vehicles today, especially those made within the last 5 to 10 years, rely heavily on their electronic CPU to function. An Auto Electrician should use their analytical skills to run diagnostic tests on these interwoven electrical systems, and then use their knowledge base to repair the issue. While most of an Auto Electrician’s job is technical, He or she must also have good communication skills in order to deal with clients on a daily basis.

Must have a full grade twelve certificate
Craft certificate in Auto Electrical from a recognised institute
Proven experience is the must.
Any other related qualifications deemed relevant by board of directors.

Those who have what takes to take up this challenge can send their CVs together with their credentials via wsimuk[email protected] not later than 23rd February, 2022.