Call for Consultancy Services – Market Analysis

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Terms of Reference – Market analysis; Her Time To Grow (HTTG) pro-women opportunities value chain  analysis – Zambia
iDE is implementing “Her Time to Grow”, a four-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada, commencing March 2021. The primary project objective is to enhance the economic empowerment, well-being and inclusive growth of rural women in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Zambia, and in other developing markets, by identifying, testing, and iterating scalable innovations that enhance women’s empowerment through priority agriculture (crop, seed, fish, livestock or poultry) value chains. The project will create an enabling environment to accelerate achievement of the following  results in participating women’s lives:
Increased average annual net income
Improved value for time spent on agricultural activities
Increased participation in the identified value chains
Improved access to markets and business services
Increased empowerment, as measured by the pro-WEAI
To this end, iDE requires a local consultant to conduct an agriculture-based livelihood analysis  in Central Province (Chisamba, Chibombo and Kapiri Mposhi districts) and Copperbelt Province (Luanshya, Ndola/Mufulira and Chingola/Chililabombwe) to identify priority income-generating activities providing most viable and impactful investment options for women around which to center our project activities and innovations.
The Consultants role:
Undertake Market Value Chain Analysis
To identify the most promising agricultural value chain opportunities for rural women in Central and Copperbelt regions of Zambia to achieve the project objective.
Suggest and recommend possible strategies that will augment/ support delivery of  the following interventions.:
Technical training in value chain production (e.g good agricultural practices, post-harvest management, Integrated Pest Management etc)
Financial literacy and business skill training
Women’s empowerment training, for women and members of their households and communities
Training of market intermediaries to provide improved access to inputs and markets
Support for VSLAs (Village Savings and Loans Associations) to effectively create market  opportunities for rural women..
Support for public and private sector actors to proactively facilitate women’s enhanced inclusion in markets.
Improved access to formal and informal credit.
Mechanisms to  increase access to labour-saving technologies/equipment.
Approach and Methodology:
In your proposal, please indicate the approach, methodology and tools that you will use to conduct and analyze the findings of this consultancy and provide justification for those tools.
A purposive sampling methodology is recommended however the consultant is free to use any other sampling methodology that is representative of the targeted population.
These should include description of quantitative methods used to characterize levels of empowerment and or qualitative methods to analyze respondents’ motivations to engage in identified/proposed enterprises, the challenges they face to start and succeed, and possible prospects for sustainability and continued expansion/operation of proposed investments. .
Budget  breakdown for duration of assignment indicating major costs for professional staff and materials.
Stakeholders and participants:
You will engage closely with iDE’s Zambia office to discuss key stakeholders that we would like to include in your research.
This study is expected to commence by May 16th 2022, with a final report completed by May 31st, 2022.
A concise written report, no longer than 10 pages (excluding appendices) following the structure outlined in Annex A.
Key Staff and Qualifications:
i) The consultant shall provide a Curriculum Vitae indicating qualifications and experience of key staff and technical personnel proposed for the Contract.
ii) The consultant’s experience as prime contractor in the provision of service contracts of a nature and complexity equivalent to the call.
iii) The Consultant shall provide a Business Profile highlighting your capabilities.
Contact Person
The key contact person for the Consultant will be the Technical Director but shall work closely with any other respective officer for specific tasks at iDE Zambia
Submission of Proposals
Proposals, of how the consultant will achieve the above deliverables should be submitted to The Country Director at [email protected]
copying in the following persons:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
A hard copy of proposals are also welcome and can be submitted at iDE Zambia’s Head office in Lusaka no later than Friday 6th May, 2022 before 17;00hrs/5pm.
Physical Address: Plot No. 37N, Leopards lane, Kabulonga, Lusaka.
Annex A
The table of contents of the completed report should appear as follows:
Executive summary
Prioritized value chains and rationale (approximately 3)
Top 3 constraints and opportunities for each value chain
Recommended strategy for implementation
The appendices should include:
Market map of key actors including relevant product, service and financial flows for each prioritized value chain
Detailed breakdown of value chain opportunity per the criteria outlined as follows:
Value chain opportunity (illustrative examples)
– Market demand
– Net income potential
– Land required
– One-time investment:
– Capital/equipment required
– Ongoing investment:
– Time, labour, and input costs required
– Technical know-how required
– Climate adaptation and mitigation considerations
– Nutrition considerations
– Other gender-specific considerations
– Seasonality
– Top 3 constraints
– Overall risk (low/med/high)
– Overall opportunity for women (low/med/high)
– Opportunity for incremental impact (low/med/high)
For more information contact [email protected]