Capacity Development of We Effect Partner Organisations In Financial Sustainability

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1. Background
We Effect is a development organisation founded in 1958 by the cooperative movement in Sweden. We Effect works in more than 20 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa, and collaborates mainly with member-based organisations consisting of women and men who live in poverty. We Effect works in the thematic fields of sustainable rural development and adequate housing with a strong focus on women’s rights. In Southern Africa, We Effect is present in and implements development programmes in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
We Effect mainly work in cooperation with local member-based partner organisations. Partner organisations commit to having a sustainability plan in place, including planning for the phase-out of the project funding provided by We Effect and other donors.
We Effect seeks the services of a consultant to
train selected partner organisations in financial sustainability planning; and
work with the selected partner organisation to develop a financial sustainability plan and strategy.
Partner organisations are at varying levels of sustainability and effort towards achieving financial sustainability.
2. Purpose
The purpose of this assignment is to build the capacity of We Effect partner organisations in financial sustainability through training and mentoring. The outcome of the assignment is for selected organisation to a financial strategic plan in place.
3. Scope of the Assignment
The consultant shall:
Train partner organisations in planning for financial sustainability covering key principles, situation analysis, risk assessments, the setting of targets, financial policies and financial strategy.
Provide ongoing support, follow up and mentoring support to partner organisations to complete their organisations financial strategic plan;
4. Deliverables and Outputs
The deliverables and outputs of this assignment are:
Partner organisations trained in planning for financial sustainability;
A Financial Sustainability Plan for selected partner organisations developed;
A Brief report on where each of the partner organisation stand in terms of effort towards achieving financial sustainability and suggestion for future support.
5. Timeframe and Payment
The consultant is expected to complete the assignment within twelve (12) weeks from the date of signing of the contract by both parties, subject to adjustments as required and mutually agreed upon.
The payment shall be based on approved deliverables and outputs and invoices following a payment schedule to be agreed upon with the successful consultant.
6. Reporting
We Effect shall supervise the consultant’s work.
The assignment will commence with a briefing and end with a debriefing with the Regional Programme Manager for the Sustainable Cotton for Women and Youth Empowerment in Southern Africa project.
7. Criteria for Proposal Evaluation
The evaluation criteria are as follows:
Core business of the firm and years in business.
Specific experience in successfully performing similar assignments on Financial
Sustainability training and development of Financial Sustainability Plans especially in the not for profit sector;
Technical capacity of the organisation to offer the course online; and,
A work and time plan that allows the achievement of all deliverables within the timeframe; and
The financial proposal shall be evaluated according to the price structure and overall cost.
8. Submission
Interested consultants should submit their technical and financial proposals by email to
For enquiries or clarifications, please use the above email address.
Deadline for submission is 24 December 2020.