Chief Accountant(Accounts HOD) at NVL (Reputable Company)

Lusaka, Full Time

NVL (Reputable Company)
Location: Zambia
State: Lusaka
Job type: Full-Time
Job category: Accounting Jobs in Zambia

Job Description

1. To regulate, supervise and prepare up to date, full and accurate set of accounting records and information of the company including but not limited to; Chart of accounts, Balance sheet, Income and expenditure, Cash flow statements, Debtors, Creditors, Purchases, Stocks balances, Bank reconciliations, Payroll,  Taxes  and Finance costs.
2. To implement continuous financial audit and control systems to monitor the performance of the company, its flow of funds, the adherence to the budget, the expenditures, the income, the cost of sales and other budgetary items and ensure accurate reporting of current and historical transactions.
3. To timely, regularly and duly prepare and present to the Board of Directors financial statements and reports as required by all pertinent laws and regulations and as deemed necessary and demanded from time to time by the companys Board of Directors, It is however necessary that the account schedules in Navision are accurate daily.
4. To comply with all reporting, accounting and audit requirements imposed by the capital markets or regulatory bodies of capital markets in which the securities of the company may be traded or are about to be traded or otherwise listed.
5. To prepare and present for the approval of the Board of Directors an annual budget.
6. To alert the Board of Directors and to warn it regarding any irregularity, lack of compliance, lack of adherence, lacunas and problems whether actual or potential concerning the financial systems, the financial operations, the financing plans, the accounting, the audits, the budgets and any other matter of a financial nature or which could or does have a financial implication.
7. To collaborate and coordinate the activities of outside suppliers of financial services hired or contracted by the firm, including accountants, auditors, financial consultants, underwriters and brokers, the banking system and other financial service providers.
8. To maintain a working relationship and to develop additional relationships with banks, financial institutions and capital markets with the aim of securing the funds necessary for the operations of the firm, the attainment of its development plans and its investments.
9. To fully computerize and maintain in a functional form all the finance activities in a combined hardware-software and communications system and ensure that all financial functions are integrated currently into the Navision ERP system that we are using. Ensure that all necessary reports are accurately generated automatically and that they are up to date. Regularly Audit the computer systems related to, ensure correct entries are made by all responsible individuals in adherence to companys systems and procedures.
10. To initiate and engage in all manner of activities, whether financial or other, conducive to the financial health, the growth prospects and the fulfilment of investment plans of the firm to the best of his ability and with the appropriate dedication of the time and efforts required
11. You will participate in strategic planning for the ongoing year and also perform analytical work pertaining to the strategies.
12. Supervise business performance for the current fiscal year and take steps to improve the performance and also plan to improve in the future years.
13. Coordinate with the senior and junior management of each and every department in the organization is directly or indirectly associated with the finance department.
14. Design the companys financial policies, rules and regulations and also see that, each and every department adheres to whatever is stipulated.
15. Monitor accounts control and keep tabs of each and every account of all the departments of the organization. Conduct Internal Audits and inspections including stock takes. Ensure the accuracy of books and records
16. Motivate the other HODs towards better performance, effective service and financial efficiency.
17. Manage and motivate your departments staff towards better performance, effective service and financial efficiency. You will be required to set the departments staff tasks and assist them with preparation and evaluation of monthly weekly and