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Collection of Most Significant Change Stories

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Job Description

Terms Of Reference for Collection of Most Significant Change Stories
1.0 Background
Zambia Civic Education Association (ZCEA) is looking for a consultant to facilitate the collection of Most Significant Change stories to illustrate the impact of the Child Rights Education Project (CRE) and the Child-Friendly Citizen Legal Advice Desk (CFCLAD) Project.
With support from Kindernothilfe (KNH), ZCEA has been implementing the duo projects in four districts namely, Lusaka, Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi. The CRE and CFCLAD Projects have been working to make children’s rights widely known to both children and adults but also to strengthen accountability, protection and build consensus on children’s rights at family, school, community, district, and national levels through monitoring of children’s rights at community and district levels.  The duo projects are in their fourth year of implementation. The primary objective of this consultancy is to support Projects to collect, document, analyze and share MSC stories that illustrate the significant changes and outcomes resulting from program interventions across the two projects. The consultant will work closely with project partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the target districts and communities to ensure effective capture and synthesis of MSC stories,
2.0 Rationale
The most significant change study is aimed at assessing the impact of project interventions in the project target areas.
3.0 Objectives of the Most Significant Change Stories (MSC)
The consultant’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:
1.       Collaborating with project partners and stakeholders to identify key project areas and interventions (based on project priorities) where MSC stories will be collected.
2.       Develop clear guidelines and training materials for project staff to understand the significance of MSCs and facilitating the collection process.
3.       Develop templates to document and submit MSC stories in a standardized format, ensuring that these stories meet quality standards.
4.       Designing and implementing a systematic work plan for collecting MSC stories, in consultation with the Project staff, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and experiences are captured.
5.       Facilitating the process of conducting interviews, focus group discussions, or other appropriate data collection methods in collaboration with local communities to gather MSC stories from beneficiaries, staff, and other relevant stakeholders.
6.       Analyze and synthesize the collected MSC stories to identify common themes, trends, and lessons learned.
7.       Provide information about the impact of the projects from the stakeholder’s and beneficiaries’ viewpoints.
The consultant will be responsible for delivering the following:
Time Expected
Inception report
27th October 2023
One (1) MSC stories from each target communities including an analysis of key themes and lessons learned in each district per project
10/11/23. Flexible to agreeing on times
Development of 1 communication materials (e.g., slides, visuals) for sharing findings with project stakeholders. One per project
30/11/23. Flexible to agreeing on times
One (1) results paper documented. One per project
30/11/23. Flexible to agreeing on times
4-6 quality J-PEG soft copy pictures for branding and visibility
30/11/23. Flexible to agreeing on times
2-3 minutes trailer of project achievements (MSC) one per project
30/11/23. Flexible to agreeing on times
Final reports one for CRE and one for CFCLAD
11th December 2023
4.0 Duration
The consultant will be contracted for a duration of -fifteen to 20 days over a working period of forty-five (45) days. The consultant is expected to start on 20th October 2023 and complete all deliverables by the second week (15th) of December 2023.
5.0 Scope of Work
Specifically, the consultant will be responsible for:
1.      Data collection and analysis
2.      Production of reports, both draft and final reports
3.      Production of quality pictures and short video trailers
6.0  Qualifications and Expertise
The consultant should possess the following qualifications and expertise.
1.       A degree in any social sciences with experience in conducting project evaluation.
2.      Knowledge of conducting the Most Significant Change Stories for NGOs.
3.      Demonstrated knowledge of human rights and children’s rights framework will be an added advantage.
4.      Should at least be able to communicate in at least three languages, preferably Nyanja and Bemba.
5.      Demonstrated experience in qualitative research, storytelling, and documentation of impact stories.
6.      Strong analytical skills and the ability to synthesize information from diverse sources.
7.       Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to present complex information in a clear and compelling manner.
8.      Understanding of the human rights situation of children and sensitivity towards challenges, cultural context, safety and impact of ongoing pressure and discrimination on children with disabilities.
9.      strong and demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative manner with partners and stakeholders based in rural areas.
10.  Knowledge of issues pertaining to children’s rights, particularly children in conflict with the law and familiarity with participatory monitoring and evaluation methodologies.
11.  Previous experience in facilitating the collection of MSC stories or similar participatory approaches would be an asset.
12.  Proficiency in English and evidence of similar or previous works.
Reporting and Coordination
The consultant will work under the guidance of the Project Officers who will serve as the primary contact point for the consultant. Regular coordination meetings or check-ins will be scheduled to review progress, provide feedback, and address any queries or concerns.
Confidentiality and Ethics
The consultant must adhere to strict ethical guidelines for conducting research, ensuring the confidentiality and security of all data and information obtained during the study. Any potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed upfront and managed appropriately. The consultant is expected to work with a ‘Do No Harm’ policy and flag any risks and challenges to the reporting persons without delay.
The consultant will be paid an agreed fixed consultancy fee of …. (Including VAT). The agreed upon amount will be paid in two equal instalments – the first upon signing of the contract and the final payment after completion of assignment.
7.0  Submission of Expression of Interest
Interested individuals must submit a technical and financial proposal (of not more than 5 pages) outlining the following:
–          their understanding of the task,
–          proposed methodology,
–          work plan with indicative timelines,
–          budget to conduct the research.
In addition to submitting a technical and financial proposal, interested individuals should also submit:
1.      A cover letter (1 page only)
2.      A CV detailing relevant skills and experience, including contactable referees (not more than 3 pages).
3.      At least two samples of 1 previously completed MSC with a short trailer conducted by the candidate (links can also be shared if the work is available online).
All prospective candidates are advised to follow the application procedure and guidelines provided!
Interested parties should kindly submit the above to the Executive Director, Ms. Nzila Siabalima via [email protected], copying in Accounts: [email protected]

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