Consultancy- To develop a simplified version of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Guidelines.

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Company Name: WaterAid Zambia

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Job Description:

Short term Consultancy to develop a simplified version of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Guidelines.
1.    Background
Since the early 2000s, decentralization has been espoused as a major policy goal of successive Zambian governments. In both the Fifth (2006-2010) and Sixth National Development Plans (20112015), deepening decentralization, especially through devolution, was a key policy goal (GRZ 2006; GRZ 2011). Similarly, the country’s Seventh National Development Plan (2017-2021), emphasized that insufficient decentralization contributed to the country’s increasing economic and social inequalities: “The contributing factors that have led to inequalities include the inability to effectively implement the Decentralisation Policy to an extent that resources and decision-making have excluded people at lower levels from effectively participating in the planning and implementation processes” (GRZ 2017: 91).[1]
The 2021 National Budget presented by the UPND Government in October 2021 made strides to actualize fiscal decentralization by increasing its allocation to CDF. The Government launched the decentralization plan for Zambia (2022 – 2026) in December 2021 themed “actualizing decentralization for local government,” the plan is anchored on seven objectives in achieving its vision of having “a decentralised system of governance within a unitary state in Zambia.” To complement this plan, the UPND Government has increased CDF allocation per constituency from K1.6 million to K25.7 million per Constituency. The Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) issued CDF guidelines on the allocation to ensure effective coordination among stakeholders during the implementation of CDF projects and programs in February 2022.
WaterAid produced an Analysis, dubbed Counting Every Drop- A Decade in review: the state of WASH financing; 2010 – 2020 which analysed the state financing to the WASH sector over the period. This analysis showed that WASH programming has been affected by the lack of decentralization at lower levels resulting in access to WASH services lagging for years. Financing to the WASH sector has also been skewed to urban areas leaving rural areas behind. This landmark decision to increase CDF from K1.6 million to K25.7 million by government has been applauded by many as it presents an opportunity to take development closer to the people as well increase access to WASH services using CDF.  Various stakeholders are therefore keen to see how CDF will accelerate the Countries achievement of its development goals.
Purpose of consultancy
The purpose of the consultancy is to do the following:
1.    To review the CDF guidelines to understand whether the guidelines are robust enough to accommodate financing of critical social sectors including WASH and achieve long term national targets.
2.    To review institutional arrangements and their role in prioritization of interventions to be supported by CDF
3.    Review the decentralization implementation plan and its implications for delivery of WASH services as well as other social services like education, health.
Scope of work
Specific Tasks will include:
1.    Review CDF guidelines and analyze, document to establish how CDF will/can contribute to increasing access to social services such as WASH.
2.    Identify and make clear policy recommendations to further improve utilization and accountability of CDF to benefit all relevant sectors
3.    Clearly map out the flow of financing from national to district and identify opportunities for influence for key stakeholders for essential social services such as WASH both at District and Community level.
4.    Summarize guidelines in easy read format, develop scenarios for animation of guidelines for easy popularization with citizens
5.    Prepare FAQs on CDF
Policy Brief with recommendations to improve utilization and accountability of CDF.
Produce a booklet : summary easy read version of CDF guidelines and FAQs on CDF
Develop scenarios to be used in producing an Animation/Video on for easy popularization of CDF with citizens
This consultancy will be carried out in Lusaka over a period of 15 working days from 7th March to 25th March 2022. This contract will be between WaterAid Zambia, and the Consultant selected for this work which will be done at a fixed fee determined by mutual agreement based on the number of consultancy days proposed. The consultant entering into a contract with WaterAid Zambia must ensure that the entre scope of work can be completed with the available resources.
Key qualifications & competencies
The ideal candidate for this consultancy will have the following qualifications:

 A Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Studies or relevant qualification. A higher degree is an added advantage.
Good working knowledge on the financing of the WASH sector in Zambia.
Good understanding of Rural Development
Good understanding of WaterAid working environment.
Proven track record of having undertaken previous such assignments with at least 3 traceable referees.

How to apply
All those interested in applying for this consultancy should submit the following by Tuesday 1st March,  2022 to the following addresses: ZambiaCaree[email protected]
– An expression of interest outlining the consultants understanding and interpretation of these TORs and proposed work schedule and Financial Proposal (Quotation) for this assignment inclusive of Withholding Tax.
– CV(s) of the proposed consultants’ demonstrating proven work experience undertaking similar analysis or consultancies. 3 traceable references for similar consultancy work undertaken with clear day time contacts.
[1] Deepening decentralization in Zambia -Identifying political economy constraints to reform working paper – International Growth Centre. December 2019.

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