Consultant to Conduct an Ecological Survey

Lusaka, Zambia, Full Time Applications have closed

Consultancy to conduct an Ecological survey under the Smart Forest Zambia “Luangwa
game and Forest reserve project” funded by Prospero Zambia
Contract duration: 25 days between March and April 2021
Duty station: Lusaka
Deadline for Applications: 5th April 2021
Expression Of Interest For Evaluation
Smart Forest Zambia Limited is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from qualified individuals to
conduct an Ecological Survey for the “Smart Forest Luangwa Game and Forest Reserve
Management Project” under a Prospero Zambia funded grant. The candidates should not
have been involved in the design or implementation of the Smart Forest activities being
assessed by the evaluation and will be required to sign a conflict of interest declaration.
Project Background
Smart Forest Zambia Limited (SFZL) is a Zambian owned enterprise incorporated for the sole
aim of practicing sustainable forestry and game ranching practices and eco-tourism with the
participation of surrounding local communities. Smart Forest Zambia Limited envisages an
environment where forest and game reserve activities complement commercial ranching and
eco-tourism much for the benefit of local communities.
Smart Forest Zambia has qualified for a grant from Prospero Zambia for the establishment of a
game and forest reserve and as such seeks expertise in the three main pillars of the project
which are:
Component 1. Development of a game and forest reserve business plan
Component 2. Conduct and develop an Ecological study of the proposed reservearea.
Component 3. Develop a community engagement model and participation exercise.
Tasks and Responsibilities
The consultant should have a team comprising of experts with an appropriate balance of
experience and expertise with experiences in field survey and assessments, environmentalist,
GIS mapping, Ecologist, Field assistants and. The team must undertake the following tasks:
Floristic Study
Faunal Study
Social/ Anthropogenic influences on the biodiversity
Parasite and Disease risk assessment and their respective control
Determination of stocking rates
Propose Management actions to improve habitat quality
Estimation of the size of the proposed game ranch/conservancy
Geology and Soils study
Land Forms and accessibility study
Drainage and surface water study
Scope of Work and Reporting
Conduct the assessment to determine direct and indirect project-related impacts on
biodiversity and ecosystem services and identify any significant residual impacts. Also
taking into account the differing values attached to biodiversity and ecosystem
services by Affected Communities and, where appropriate, other stakeholders.
Determine if the proposed project is not located within legally protected areas or
internationally recognized areas, or affecting protected species (e.g. IUCN Red List
species, National Parks breeding area or wildlife corridor)
Hydrological assessment of the water resources within and around the project sites
Consideration of resources efficiency and pollution prevention through assessment of
project activities in each phase and use of raw materials and wastes management.
Minimum Requirements
Solid Expertise in two or more subject matters and areas as highlighted above.
A degree in Ecology, Environmental Science, Botany, Zoology or another relevant
Strong flora or fauna identification skills, ideally a combination of both!
Practical experience of 3-5 years undertaking field-based surveys, data analysis and
reporting, preferably in a consulting capacity
Fluency in English, both written and spoken.
Excellent writing skills.
3 Reference letters
3 Previous assignments
Desirable Requirements
A strong understanding Biodiversity Assessment Methodology survey guidelines
Must have own smart phone / tablet to collect field data
Know and understand GIS for data collection and mapping purposes
Extensive experience undertaking ecological survey in within Zambian Communities
Experience in preparing ecological reports would be beneficial
Working knowledge of relevant Zambian environmental legislation is highly desirable
Previous experience with coordination of and cross-linkages of grant funded projects
at regional and national level;
Working experience with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.
Experience of large and complex partnership programmes;
Expected Deliverables
A detailed EIA report with the following sections.
Project Description
Baseline Environmental setting which will include hydrology, ecology, and
environmental assessment findings
Assessment methodology which will include field assessment methods and impact
identification and analysis criteria
Impact identification, analysis and ranking
Environmental Management and monitoring plans
Annexures to the report will include – maps, site plans, project designs, stakeholder
consultation information and input, GPS coordinates
Evaluation Purpose
The purpose of the evaluation is to inform the Project team, the donors and all the Partners
and stakeholders involved about the project’s progress and performance towards attaining
the outcomes. evaluation will be a forward-looking evaluation aimed at identifying
challenges and opportunities for improving the Project during its implementation. It will also
serve at identifying good practices which can be used to support the design,
implementation and scaling up of similar initiatives, implemented by Smart Forest Zambia
under the Prospero Zambia grant.
Duration Of the Evaluation Process
The assignment will last indicatively 25 days between March and April 2021. The Team
Leader/Members will work from home expected to undertake travel as part of this
assignment, beginning with an inception briefing to be held Smart Forest Head Office.
How to Apply
All applications are to be delivered to the Smart Forest Head Office on Plot No 17, Lubambe
Road, Northmead, Lusaka. Alternatively submissions can be emailed to: The envelope must clearly be marked “Expression of
Interest to Conduct an Ecological Survey”
If you need further information, or have queries, please contact Smart Forest Zambia on:
0955 791 347/0979 818 96.