Diagnostic Radiography Technologist

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Kalumbila, Zambia
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Company Summary:

Job Description:

Role Description
At MBHS, our radiography technologists work closely with the medical and nursing team to provide a safe, efficient and quality diagnostic imaging service that supports prompt patient diagnosis. They carry out the day-to-day running of the diagnostic service with support and supervision from the Chief Medical Officer.
Our diagnostic radiography technologist carries out his/her duties consistently, ethically and in line with international standards and evidence based diagnostic practices in accordance with MBHS Standards.
Qualification, Experience and Skills Requirements

Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Radiology Technologist or country equivalent is essential.
Post Graduate qualification in Sonography is an added advantage.
Must have a current registration and practice licenced with the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ)

Key Responsibilities

Carry out day-to-day running, organization and scheduling of the diagnostic imaging department.
Comply with all MBHS standards for delivering high quality x-ray, ultrasound and diagnostic services and adhere to all standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to safe practice in the imaging department.
Provide optimum radiographic images as prescribed by a medical doctor and in line with MBHS protocols and HPCZ and Radiology Protection Authority (RPA) regulations.
Protect and maintain patient confidentiality at all times in keeping with the MBHS Patient Confidentiality Policy. Maintain confidentiality of information relating to staff and any MBHS business. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
Attend regular clinic meetings to discuss issues relating to improvements to the diagnostic imaging department.
Be available for duty as rostered for normal shifts, on-call shifts (defined as a standby period out of normal clinic hours), weekends and in case of emergencies.

Clinical Services and Administrative duties
Diagnostic Imaging Services 

Maintain and promote international standards of good diagnostic practices at all times.
Perform X-Ray/ CT scan / ultrasound procedures etc. to support medical or surgical diagnosis; occupational health check-ups and any patient referrals requested by the medical doctor.
Provide supportive x-ray services on an emergency and out-of-hours/ ’on-call’ basis, as directed by the CMO and the clinic/hospital manager.
Ensure that the patient’s ID and referral form (which includes the type of examination and doctor’s signature etc.) are checked prior to any procedure being conducted.
Complete and maintain the X-Ray/diagnostic procedure logbook, describing each X-Ray taken, and ensure that all other technicians complete the logbook as per Mary Begg policy.
Provide a safe working environment for staff and patients within the diagnostic imaging dept.
Maintain levels of cleanliness and infection control according to MBHS Infection Control Policies. Document all infection control training in the employee’s training folder.
Daily room and equipment preparation must be completed at least 30 minutes before the commencement of duties.
All equipment must be damp dusted between each patient use, using MBHS approved disinfectant solutions.
Be familiar with MBHS protocols on how to handle hazardous waste and clean spills.
Have a good working knowledge of patient rights in relation to consent and withdrawal of consent.
  All patients must have a signed consent form for special investigation like intravenous urogram/pyelogram prior to commencement of the procedure. Dispose of developer fluid as recommended by the manufacturer using an environmentally safe approach whilst ensuring compliance with any national legislation and MBCC protocols.
Optimum collimation must be used to reduce exposure scatter and ensure that all doses are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).
A ThermoLuminescent Dosimeters (TLD) must be worn at all times when in the radiography room or control area.  Staff must have two (2) personalized dosimeters for use in the work area. No dosimeter can be shared with any other healthcare professional.
Always use and ensure that patients use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during a diagnostic imaging procedure. This will include the use of lead aprons and thyroid protectors for patients.
Ensure that all diagnostic equipment is maintained in good working order and that a report is submitted to the CMO and the hospital/clinic manager when medical equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced.
Ensure that all diagnostic services are correctly itemized on the patient charge sheets.
Prepare reports on diagnostic imaging services provided each month including type and number of x-rays performed, chemicals/films usage, extraordinary x-rays taken or sent to other sites for analysis, film wastage each month (with reason for wastage) and maintenance/repair of diagnostic equipment. All reports are submitted to the CMO. Hospital/Clinic Manager each month.
Ensure that patient care documentation is accurate, legible and content appropriate. Every interaction with a patient is documented accurately.
Comply with all national and legal responsibilities.
Comply with any other duties and responsibilities as may be required from the Chief Medical Officer and/or Hospital/Clinic Manager from time to time within scope of practice.

Customer Service 

Foster a culture of customer service satisfaction amongst MBHS staff and patients.
Demonstrate good customer service by listening to patient’s concerns and providing proper support and care. Be polite and respectful in all patient or staff interactions.
Report to the Clinic Manager or HR Manager where you see any evidence of poor customer service from other MBHS staff towards patients (i.e. bullying, yelling etc.).
Must complete an Incident and Adverse Event Form to inform on any clinical incidents /other issues. All incident and adverse event forms are handed to the Clinic Manager immediately for necessary investigation and/or action.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) 

Ensure that MBHS clinic orientation and in-house/ on-the-job training is completed, documented and managed on a monthly basis.
Ensure that CPD and general/specific training is planned and conducted as mandated by national licensing bodies and company policy.
Provide X-Ray safety training to all clinic staff twice yearly or as directed by the CMO.


Must have at least two years’ experience working as a radiographer technologist in a busy clinic.
Must have a strong understanding of radiography processes.
Ensure that all on-going HPCZ registration and education is managed, documented and maintained. All documentation and renewals are to be submitted to MBHS HR manager on an annual basis or when registration is renewed.
Organize workload logically and efficiently according to need and urgency.
Works within the Mary Begg policy relating to leave, sickness and absenteeism.


Must be proficient in English.
Must have basic level computer literacy.
Always adhere to the MBHS uniform policy and code of conduct. Must wear a clean and ironed uniform and any required Personal Protective Equipment as supplied by Mary Begg.
Competent in effective communication skills. Recognises barriers to effective communication.  Able to demonstrate friendly, tactful attitude and empathy to patients.
Must be honest, trustworthy and act with integrity at all times.
No consumption of alcohol is allowed whilst on duty. Intake of alcohol while off duty is allowed but inebriation is forbidden in public.

Quality Management 

Proficient in managing infection control procedures.
Carry out quarterly self-audits on the diagnostic imaging service to ensure quality of service provided is maintained at a high standard.

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