Dive Team Lead (Re- Advertised)

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Siavonga, Zambia
  • Date Posted:

Website Company Name: Yalelo Limited

Company Summary:

Job Description:

The Dive Team Lead will be part of  our Siavonga Production team and will be responsible for supervising a team of divers to complete a number of scuba diving and free diving tasks which include performing inspections, repairs, and installations of underwater production installations (cages, mooring, anchors, nets).
Duties and Responsibilities:

Daily Diving Plan: Develop a comprehensive daily diving plan that outlines tasks, objectives, and priorities for the team. Collaborate with team members to ensure a well-structured and efficient workflow.
Team Organization and Collaboration: Demonstrate strong organizational skills to efficiently assign roles and responsibilities within the team. Foster a team-player attitude to promote cooperation and teamwork.
Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspect all diving equipment, including nets and vessels, and ensure timely repairs to maintain their effectiveness.
Bottom Mortality Removal: Supervise the removal of bottom mortality from cages to maintain a healthy and sustainable aquatic environment.
Health and Safety: Prioritize the health and safety of the team by conducting daily safety talks and enforcing adherence to safety protocols during diving operations.
Daily Activity Reports: Document all daily activities, including diving progress, findings, challenges, and achievements. Prepare and submit detailed reports to higher authorities as required.
Mooring Rope Inspection: Oversee the inspection of mooring ropes to ensure their integrity and reliability during diving operations.
Training: Train new team members on dive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and safety guidelines to ensure a skilled and competent team.
Tree Cutting: Supervise tree cutting activities as part of the diving operations, ensuring compliance with safety standards and environmental regulations.
Cage Net Maintenance: Ensure proper maintenance of cage nets to avoid damage and ensure the safety of aquatic life within the cages.
Cage Sinkers Management: Oversee the attachment and removal of cage sinkers to the cage nets during scrapping operations, ensuring their proper usage.


A diploma or degree in planning and management or any related field
Willingness to undergo training as a diver (if not already trained) to actively participate in diving operations
ability to spend long hour on water (6-10 hours per day)
Proven experience in organizing and leading teams effectively.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Problem-solving and decision-making abilities to handle challenges during diving operations.
Knowledge of diving equipment and safety procedures.
Ability to multitask and manage multiple responsibilities efficiently.
Positive and proactive approach to promoting a safe and productive work environment

Email Address: [email protected] and cc: [email protected]
Note: Apply by attaching One Document which should have your cover letter, CV, Relevant Degree or Equivalent, Grade 12, NRC, Essential Certificates and any other qualifications

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