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Overall Job Purpose
To respond to emergency situations and primarily protect people, the environment and property from all types of fire, accidents and emergencies
Specific Job Responsibility
Respond immediately and safely to emergency calls and requests for assistance, if and when necessary
Attend to emergency incidents including fires, road accidents, floods, bomb incidents, spillages of dangerous substances and rail and air crashes
Rescue trapped people and animals
Minimise distress and suffering, including giving first aid before ambulance crews arrive
Clean up and check the site after dealing with an incident
Take time to become familiar with local streets, roads and buildings around their own and nearby fire stations in order to respond to emergency calls with the utmost speed and efficiency
Inspect and maintain the appliance (fire engine) and its equipment e.g. assist in the testing of fire hydrants and checking emergency water supplies
Undertake drills and physical training
Participate in training on techniques, use of equipment and related matters
Maintain the level of physical fitness necessary to carry out all the duties of a fireman
Maintain links with the local community and educate and inform the public to help promote fire safety, e.g. giving talks in schools and to local organisations, and home visits to offer advice
Perform any other duties assigned by the Superintendent
Safeguard own and other people’s personal safety at all times
Respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances as they arise
Job Specific Competencies
Aviation fire and rescue (for KTDC ERT)
Basic fire fighting
Hazmat technician
Motor vehicle extrication and stabilisation
Recharging self-contained breathing apparatus
Trench rescue
ERT fire truck
LV pit permit
LV site permit
Hazmat preparedness for first responders
InTuition reader / editor training
Snake handling
Decision making skills,
Literacy skills, including the ability to read emergency response manuals,
Effective verbal and listening communications skills
Time management skills.
Key Job Attributes
Must be physically fit and commit to remain so
Must be assertive
Ability to handle pressure
Must keep emotions under control
Must be of a sober character
Must be willing to be called upon during odd hours
Experience required to perform in this job
The Fireman will require knowledge, skills and experience in the following areas:
At least 1-year experience in relevant field
Safety Management
Excellent communication skills
Fire training skills are necessary
Diploma in related field (A Degree in Fire Science is an added plus)

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