Operator, Control Room – Acid Plant

Full Time


Monitor, control and operate plant, equipment and processes associated with the Gas Cleaning Plant

Key Responsibilities

This position will be required to adhere to all relevant requirements, policies, procedures and legal regulation pertaining to health, safety, environment and quality, human resource, finance and any other regulations as required by the company and relevant to the level of the role and responsibilities of the function.
Ensure that the Gas Cleaning Plant and associated plant and equipment items operates efficiently and safely within prescribed limits to achieve production targets.
Monitor plant equipment items and processes via the Distributed Control System (DCS) – principally the Gas Cleaning Plant and associated equipment.
Remotely start, stop and adjust equipment items and processes via the DCS
Respond to alarms and process disturbances in a timely manner
Operate safety systems such as Emergency Stop Systems in the event of an emergency
Make process adjustments to achieve production targets, as directed by the Shift Controller
Clearly and accurately communicate the status of the plant to others, ie. field operators, maintenance workers, other control room operators (e.g. Isa Furnace and PS Converter)
Maintain communication with upstream and downstream process units ( Smelters and Sulphuric acid Plant)
Maintain an accurate operating log sheet using computerised or other systems
Provide field operators with information and instructions as required to enable them to carry out their jobs safely and effectively
Prepare, issue and cancel work permits as required
Monitor and interpret assay results from process streams
Monitor and interpret process data via the plant process historian system (PI)
Actively seek more information and assistance from other sources as required to diagnose and correct any problems with operating equipment and processes (e.g. maintenance, metallurgists)
Understand and identify all relevant plant equipment items, processes and control systems; be able to explain these clearly to others
Other duties as directed by the Supervisor

Minimum Grade12 school certificate
Degree or Diploma in either Process Engineering, Mineral Processing, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy or equivalent


Proficient in the use of computers and standard computer applications such as Microsoft Excel
High level of literacy and numeracy

Operating experience in a process plant, particularly smelters
Previous experience in a control room environment
Familiarity with typical process plant equipment such as pumps, machines and instrumentation
Familiarity with safety systems, permit systems and procedures in a process plant environment

High level of attention to detail
High level of communication skills and the ability to write clearly and concisely
Responsible and punctual approach to work
Ability to follow instructions and to give instructions where required
Good at implementing changes in operating practice
Systematic monitoring and assessment skills

High level of knowledge of plant equipment items and process
Valid Silicosis Certificate

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