Operator, Process – Kress Hauler

Full Time


Operate the Kress hauler to transport slag pots from the MSEF, tip them into the slag pit and return them to the MSEF for refilling. & Also take the PSC slag and tip them in the Isaconvert pit and back to aisle.
Key Responsibilities

This position will be required to adhere to all relevant requirements, policies, procedures and legal regulations pertaining to health, safety, environment and quality, as well as finance, human resources, and any other regulations as required by the company and relevant to the level of the role and responsibilities of the function.

Successfully and safely operating Kress Hauler to meet assigned daily production demands of the slay skimming.
Strictly adhere to SOP on slag handling, transporting of molten slag and dumping of molten slag on slag pits by Kress hauler.
Strictly adhere to laid down procedures like checking and filling of pre-start checks of Kress hauler, complying to speed limits etc
Performing work assignment as given by the supervisors, normally without close supervision.
Ensure that all material spills are cleaned up on time safely by the Kress Hauler operators crew using various tools and equipment (vacuum truck, shovels, bobcat, FEL etc) to maintain highest housekeeping standard.
Fully understand and operate safety systems such as Emergency stop systems, Fire suppression system in the event of an emergency
From time to time, other operational duties may be reasonably assigned to the Kress Hauler operators.
Maintain the slag dump area by cleaning the tyre guards and ensuring adequate safety barrier in place between the tyre guards.
Volunteer to undergo the training of other mobile equipment like ADT / FEL & as directed by any of the section Supervisors. Once trained, operate the same safely whenever assigned, to meet plant requirements.
Understand and identify all relevant plant equipment, process control systems & emergency systems; be able to explain these clearly to others
Immediately report to the Supervisor – any breakdown, damage or operability issues with the equipment being driven.
Other duties as directed by the Supervisors.

Grade 12 (minimum)
Zambian driving license
Less than 40 years old


At least 4 years process plant operating experience with bulk materials handling equipment (Loaders, Excavators, and ADTs etc.).

Strict compliance to safe driving
Good communication skills and the ability to write clearly and concisely in English
Responsible and punctual approach to work
Discipline and teamwork
Ability to follow instructions and to give instructions where required

Operating a Kress Hauler
Kress Hauler Operator shall possess SADC driver’s licence.
Ability to carry out written or oral instructions.
Should possess excellent visibility and audiometry levels
Should possess excellent fitness and without any Chronic illness/disease which can hinder safe driving

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