Head of Department – Operations Manager

Ndola, Zambia, Full Time

The main responsibility of the Operations Manager is to proactively  manage the smooth running of  business operations in order to maximize efficiency, as well as business performance contributing to the profitable growth of the business.
Key Responsibilities;

Monitor and head the Tracking Division team.
Managing Incident reporting, investigations and successful implementation of control measures.
Driver recruitment/administration/management i.e. truck allocation, driver appraisal, on road trouble shooting all their queries/obstacles, leave, on road allowances etc
Installation, configurations and maintenance of fleet monitoring systems
Commercial competence and ability to coordinate and discuss with clients and strong understanding of market rates and trends.
Experience in cross border transport, from all major ports i.e. Durban, Dar es salaam, Beria and Walvis Bay.
Ability to set SOPs for the department.
Identifying on-road expectations and taking immediate remedial action by contacting the responsible person.
Coordinating and responding to emergency situations.
Liaising with drivers, tracking/operations personnel, w/shop, customers and management.
Developing and presenting management reports on timely basis.
Managing all logistics aspects including customer service, administration, information technology, sales and HSE in accordance with company objectives.
Liaising with clients, clearing agents, customs authorities, other governing bodies and whoever else in ensuring smooth facilitation using cost effective solutions.
Controlling, training, motivating and developing ‘reports’ reporting to you.
Ensuring strict compliance with company regulations plus governing laws for yourself and your ‘reports’.
Identifying operational procedure expectations and taking immediate remedial action.
Approving operational and logistic expenses by ensuring there are no duplications and the expenses are legit.
Recording, developing, supervising, and presenting operational/logistics/financial (billing) and client status reports on timely basis.
Arranging and find loads/cargo for trucks, both ways at market rates.
Ensure on recording/managing/assessing the whole company fleet/drivers/shipments on day to day basis by movement spreadsheets.
Assess local market conditions and identify current and prospective sales opportunities.
Supervise the reports by your ‘reports’ and report on any abnormality/delays.
Bring out the best from your ‘reports’ by providing training, coaching, development and motivation.
Locate areas of improvement and propose corrective actions that meet challenges and leverage growth opportunities.
Keep all records in respect to funds, fuel, and other operational procedures.
Managing all imports/exports and keeping relative records
Controlling the fleet supervisors and guiding them on their responsibilities.
Supervise the SAP movement, loading and offloading report on daily basis and report on any abnormality/delays.
Maintain the required records of individual shipments and prepare status reports.

The preferred candidate must have a degree or higher education qualification backed by minimum of 5 years experience with operations/fleet management in a senior position. Should have high level of confidence in using technology, ERP and general computers. Should have high motivation, drive and must be able to handle work pressure.