Head of Fuel Station

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Job Title – Head of Fuel station/OperationsDivision – ManagementDepartment – OperationsLocation – Zambia, LusakaJob Grade-Reporting To Management with dotted line to Energy DeskJob PurposePeriod: Full-timeScope: To spear head the business in all operating jurisdictions as well as grow new jurisdictions. Build a competent team across the organization to help achieve all the company objectives / goals. Review budgets and help achieve both top line and bottom line targets.DescriptionKey Result Areas1.Ensure operations of the business across all jurisdictions are uniform, including uniform and timely reporting structures acrossall jurisdictions into a central function.Operations / Forecourt2.Build SOP’s for all critical functions of the business. Ensure implantation and follow up on compliance of these crucial SOP’s3.Rigid scheduled visits on all stations across jurisdictions from the operations team on scheduled timeline. Audit visit report forall stations to be shared with a remedial plan of action on crucial items which need attention. Audit report/checklist needs to be detailed taking into consideration all aspects of the station.4.Water tight controls on inventory (dispensing and receiving) – to ensure stock loss in maintained below industry threshold.5.Receiving of inventory process/SOP – uniform across all stations, ensure shortages are escalated and accounted/deducted from transporter/supplier. All inventory receiving to be counter checked at HQ real time.6.Liaise with energy desk on ensuring procurement done taking into consideration market conditions and future prices – to helpmaximize gross margins across the business in all jurisdictions.7.Station forecourt to be fitted with latest accessories, in working order and maintained to the best practices.8.Scheduled maintenance / calibrations inspections are done on timely basis – ensure the equipment’s are well maintained at alltimes and reduced down time.9.Build a strong operations team across the board/regions who regularly visit the stations and ensure/bridge the communicationsfrom the head office to all the stations.10.Create a strategy to grow bulk/wholesale business in the region. Leverage of the groups networks to get additional fleet business.Tie up’s with corporates to have private vehicles fuel at the stations.Business Development11.Build a system which will help promote staff internally through to take on more responsibilities and grow.12.Scheduled staff meetings across all stations – minutes to be shared with remedial plan focusing on grievences, ideas from the team at the stations.13.Develop a rigid staff training programmed to help perfect customer care, cross selling other 14. products at the forecourt to build other revenue, training on handling forecourt equipment’s,14.Encourage and build company whistleblowing policy.15.Company mission, vision and values to be adapted across the board from hq right through to the most remote stations.16.Training programmes to be conducted to help develop staff take on new responsibilities, develop existing teams, new joiners,17.Station build to be of good order, taking into consideration latest industry trends, local HSE regulations, etc. 18.Ensure the technical engineering aspects of the station build is sound resulting in optimal advantage.19.Optimal station layout, with provisions for future technology, convenience for customers movement.20.Capex for all new stations to be pre approved by finance and management with a uniform tendering process. 21.capex template for all stations across all jurisdictions. Liaison with finance on ensuring projects don’t go over budget, etc.22.Detailed drawings of new stations to include positioning of all forecourt accessories/smalls, ensure no blind spots, etc.23.Pre-opening station checklist to be followed to ensure local compliance and all departments give go ahead for the station opening..24.Help build the control room and team to manage this, to help overlook entire business for all countries from a central location.25.Create a master data management reporting tool, reports to be shared on a timely basis to help 26.assist in decision making, remedial plans, strategic planning.27.Build systems to have notification alerts real time to pre warn when something is going wrong at the stations. Summaries reports for the management team to assist with strategic decision making.28.Ensure automation system is always upgraded, new functions should be explored at all times.Job Qualifications and Experience(Technical know-how and experience required to execute the job)Minimum Qualifications (Educational, trainings, certifications)An accredited degree or MBA with at least 10-12 years post qualification operational experience.Professional Experience1. Min. 10 years of post qualification in the industry2. Executing and achieving budgets and monitoring progress3. Management of teams and external parties4. Good leadership qualities and buildingteams across the board.Key Performance Areas1. Meet individual goals and objectives and contribute towards corporate goals (Operational, Top line & Bottom line and Other).2. Implementation of systems, controls and processes in all jurisdictions – to ensure operations run efficiently and in uniform.3. Building a competent team, with clear reporting lines, responsibilities. Managing the overall affairs of the operational team and entire business.4. Strong operational analysis to help build the business and take corrective measures to strategically grow the business in the right direction.5. Consolidation and streamlining of all reporting from all jurisdictions into HQ. To ensure uniform policies / SOP’s are being implemented and followed.6. Strong internal controls and review systems (surprise audit checks).7. Inventory pilferage maintained below thresholds.8. Forecourts in line with industry standards.9. Building and achieving budgets and ensuring remedial plans on missed budgets.10. Good leadership and motivational skills – building a strong team across all regions kept motivated at all times.11. Strong internal audit checks to ensure the forecourts are compliant in line with company and industry requirements.Key CompetenciesProficiency in:1. Systems – strong understanding of implementing ERP software to help streamline and tighten controls2. Effective budgetary and expenditure monitoring and optimization, achieving budgets3. Regulatory & Compliance – proficiency in the operational regulatory and compliance requirements of the industry.5. People – management of multi-disciplinary internal and external teams6. Other – implementation of corporate strategy and values, and application of corporate policies

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