Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist

  • Job Type: Contract
  • Location: Lusaka, Zambia
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Company Name: JHPIEGO

Company Summary:

Job Description:

Jhpiego’s Mission
Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University, builds global and local partnerships to enhance the quality of healthcare services for women and families around the world Jhpiego is a global leader in the creation of innovative and effective approaches to developing human resources for health.
Jhpiego’s Values
At Jhpiego we value our customers who have our respect, responsiveness, and commitment to excellence; our staff and global network of colleagues who bring cultural diversity, innovation, and a wealth of world experience; and our work culture, which is reflected in our team spirit, transparent communication, mutual respect, flexibility, and dedication.
Knowledge Management and Communications Role
The Knowledge Management & Communications role is to work in consultation with Jhpiego senior management team oversee internal and external efforts to raise the profile and visibility of Jhpiego and its programs in Zambia and globally and promote knowledge capture and sharing across Jhpiego teams. This will be done by developing a Knowledge Management and Communication strategy for Jhpiego Zambia and/or its programs and managing its implementation, and development of multi-media, user-friendly, easy-to-understand and accessible communication products from Jhpiego project activities. It will also be done by planning and implementing knowledge-sharing activities to encourage staff learning. Work on building basic communications skills (writing, photography and events management) among staff.  He/she will also work along with Program Managers, Chiefs of Party, and Directors to ensure all Jhpiego Zambia staff are familiar with organizational and program-specific communication and branding policies and are assisting in communications efforts to promote existing programs and new business opportunities. In addition, He/she will be responsible for maintaining both Jhpiego knowledge repositories (internal and external) containing both published and unpublished materials to promote knowledge exchange within Jhpiego’s projects and outside the projects to raise the profile and visibility of Jhpiego projects in Zambia.

Develop and implement Jhpiego Zambia and program-specific communication strategy;
Document and coordinate packaging and dissemination (through conventional and new media) of user-friendly project information including but not limited to reports, fact sheets, presentations, abstracts, leaflets, brochures, posters, folders, success stories, photographs, and achievements to relevant stakeholders at Global and International conferences and to on-line bibliographic databases (such as USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse, etc.);
Ensure high-quality program communication (including but not limited to reports, presentations, newsletters, brochures, posters, etc.) and multi-media materials are available to support Jhpiego Zambia and external communication efforts;
Oversee editing, formatting and creative design of Jhpiego publications and visibility materials;
Ensure proper branding and marking of Jhpiego-led programs, materials and activities;
Work closely with the Jhpiego Global Engagement and Communications Office (GECO) at Headquarters to develop accurate, creative stories and communications products for a variety of media, use by partners and inclusion in Jhpiego external communications outlets such as corporate newsletter, social media and website;
Work with Jhpiego Zambia senior management team to ensure that all Jhpiego staff are familiar with the Jhpiego communications policies and processes;
Lead in the planning and execution of all Jhpiego media and public events while ensuring that Jhpiego’s branding values and those of donors are respected and observed;
Build the capacity of the technical teams in writing, documentation and photography;
Provide technical support to the Jhpiego project staff to develop their capacity in information and knowledge management and knowledge exchange in collaboration with the central Jhpiego knowledge management unit;
Organize, catalogue and enter Jhpiego-authored knowledge assets from the country office (e.g., training materials, presentations, tools, plans and reports) in Jhpiego’s central electronic library;
Serve as a focal point for the collection and standardization of training manuals and materials prior to them being printed and disseminated, in collaboration with Jhpiego’s central publications unit;
Strengthen Jhpiego’s communication links and relations with key partners, including national and district level government partners, other non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, key private sector partners and other stakeholders in public health;
Plan and organize all public and media-related Jhpiego activities.
Work closely with Jhpiego knowledge management staff at headquarters to align KM strategies for Zambia with overall Jhpiego KM strategies.
Actively participate in knowledge sharing via various Jhpiego collaboration platforms. Participation can be demonstrated by, for example: Leading a BBL, contributing an example of a knowledge asset that can be re-used by others, sharing a key lesson learned, or actively participating in a community of practice based on areas of expertise or interest.
Organize knowledge sharing and learning activities for the Jhpiego Zambia office, such as lunchtime seminars and knowledge fairs.
Support implementation of KM priorities by ensuring content is stored and disseminated through established channels, such as One Jhpiego
Update expertise and interest area information on One Jhpiego and curriculum vitae used at Jhpiego for new program development.
Share experiences on innovative approaches in knowledge sharing with other knowledge managers and central knowledge management staff.
Manage version control and content audits of technical products and materials to ensure that outdated materials are removed from repositories or updated.
 Ensure monitoring and evaluation of knowledge management activities in the relevant area and share findings with the knowledge management staff at headquarters.

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