Master Site Plan

Lusaka, Zambia, Consultancy

Master Site Plan
Scope of Contractor Responsibilities
Beit-CURE hospital has been operating in Zambia since 2006, it’s a faith based hospital that provides medical and spiritual care to its patients and provides expert medical and other training for its employees and associates. The hospital in Zambia is part of an international (USA) foundation of established rehabilitation hospitals, CURE International, dedicated to meeting the medical and spiritual needs of economically disadvantaged and physically disabled children in its countries of operation.
Project Scope Summary:
Design a phased master plan and assess and recommend options for infrastructure improvements, and to provide conceptual architectural designs and structural / electrical / plumbing / HVAC recommendations for Phase 1 Renovations / Expansions / Buildings. Phase 1 improvements will be those necessary to meet the client’s immediate needs in the next one to two years following this project. A long-term – 5-10 year, multiple-phase plan summarizing all proposed improvements will be included in this work.
Design Disciplines
Based on the scope and previous needs of the client, this project is recommended to have the following design disciplines:

Master Planning
Healthcare Architecture
General Architecture
Structural design
Mechanical design
Electrical design
Civil Utility design (water, wastewater) and  road and drainage design

The closing date for the submission of Expressions of Interest is 3rd May 2022. All qualified and interested consultants should submit their documents to Lucy on the following email:
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