Multiple Jobs

Mansa, Zambia, Contract TBA

The Center for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development (CCRESUD) is one of the centers under Chrizzima Democracy University (CDU) tasked to spearhead Research and Development across the fields of Renewable Energy, Environment, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Rural Development and Sustainability. CCRESUD is one of the emerging Sustainability Institutions in Zambia actively involved in the Sustainability Agenda in the wake of Climate Change and its effects that have negatively impacted communities over recent years. CCRESUD is involved in actively providing Advisory services on a diverse range of undertakings that include Natural Resource Management; Climate Vulnerability Assessments; Formulation of Alternative, Diversified, Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods; Community-driven Rural Development; Carbon Accounting and Finance; Waste Management and Renewable Energy.
We work to provide a platform for informed solutions that advance sustainable development in local communities through initiatives focused on better livelihoods in the wake of challenges brought about by climate change. At CCRESUD, we aim at enhancing sustainable development through research as an empirical guide to implementing community initiatives that inform our advocacy for better policies at national and international levels. We work through collaborations, service provision and engagements with a diverse range of Partners and Clients.
The Center now invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacancies on our assignment as a Technical Service Provider for our Client in the Northern Circuit of Zambia.
1. Provincial Projects Coordinator, Luapula Province (1 Position)
The position shall be stationed at the Mansa management and coordinating office, with areas of intervention across the project districts namely Lunga, Chifunabuli, Kawambwa, Nchelenge and Samfya.
Job Functions

Coordinate project activities across the project districts
Supervision Project Staff across the five implementation Districts
Spearheading Research for Climate Resilient Livelihood activities in target areas
Facilitate enterprise development amongst the project’s beneficiary groups
Ensure Completeness and Quality on Proposal formulation for would-be beneficiaries
Harmonize engagements with relevant stakeholders at the province and in the respective project districts.

Specific Duties

The Provincial Projects Coordinator (PPC) ensures adequate community engagement and coverage of all the supported districts of Luapula Province namely Lunga, Chifunabuli, Kawambwa, Nchelenge and Samfya. The PPC does the aforesaid jointly with CCRESUD’s community-based mobilization officers and our Client staff in the respective districts.
The PPC coordinates community mobilization and sensitization activities across the supported districts. These activities are meant to ensure adequate dissemination of information on the small grants opportunities under our Client
The PPC supervises and ensures that the processes leading to formulation of sub-project proposals by community groups for small grants under the Project are adequately covered, these include sensitization meetings about the small grants opportunities, climate vulnerability assessments of specific communities, deliberations, identification and mapping of local resources from which to develop livelihood activities that are able to stand effects and impact of climate; and gender-sensitive climate risk assessment
The PPC continuously conducts research on Climate-resilient and Diverse livelihood activities applicable and deployable to specific communities aimed at tackling climate-change-induced poverty in households; as well as ensuring reduced dependence on natural resources for attainment of sustainable development.
The PPC shall work towards facilitation of enterprise development and Industrialization of Value Chains from the Adaptive Interventions in the supported communities.
The PPC shall regularly engage with relevant provincial and district stakeholders, local authorities, women groups, religious groupings, traditional authorities, community-based NGOs and other stakeholders in initiating and facilitating development of sub-projects
The PPC shall coordinate and manage project staff in the districts and in so doing undertake performance evaluation of district staff
The PPC shall prepare Monthly and Quarterly Activity Work Plans and further assist district project staff in preparing their monthly work plans and budgets.
The PPC shall receive and analyze reports from the five project districts; and compile and submit Consolidated Reports on functional and district activities to Chief of Party.
Promote and maintain a suitable environment for teamwork between provincial and district staff, and the relevant line ministries.


The Provincial Projects Coordinator shall report to the Chief of Party based at the Mansa office.

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelors’ degree in a relevant field (forestry, natural resource management, environmental management, ecology) with at least a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with structures such as Community Resource Boards including knowledge of community based approaches.


Extensive knowledge and understanding of contextual aspects of CBNRM in Zambia, current policies and analysis, frameworks and legislations
Working with communities for development and implementation of community mobilization strategies, including monitoring and reporting of the planned activities and targets.
At least 4 years’ experience in community mobilization and should demonstrate ability to provide hands-on support to the community based mobilization officers located in the various districts across the project area.

2. Community-Based Mobilization Officer (Positions available by Contingency)
Job Objectives

Mobilization, Community awareness and engagement
Stakeholder engagements with Government at district level, traditional and local leaders, NGOs and communities.
Development of Project Proposals
Facilitate the formation of livelihood activities in Community Forest Management Groups (CFMG) and Natural Forest Regeneration (NFR)
Training needs identification
Organizing, conducting and facilitation of meetings, trainings and community mobilization, engagement and social engineering
Centered change agents and a unifying player in multi-sectoral teams

Specific Duties

Mobilize, engage and raise awareness to local communities about the project using cultural appropriate mechanisms.
Build effective work relationship with district stakeholders including Government at local level, traditional and local leaders, NGOs and communities.
Together with the project team, help targeted communities to develop bankable project proposals.
Support and help beneficiaries at local level on how to access grants for livelihood sub-projects, farming inputs that improve productivity and management of post-harvest loses.
Facilitate the formation of livelihood activities in Community Forest Management Groups (CFMG) and Natural Forest Regeneration (NFR) and development of community plans.
Provide relevant information and training to the community and beneficiaries on the project, producers, markets and linkage strategies for sustainable livelihoods.
Other duties as assigned by Provincial Project Coordinator or Project Team, by project demand and Employer.

The Community Based Mobilization Officer shall report to the Provincial Projects Coordinator at the Mansa office.
Qualification and Experience
The candidate will have a Diploma or higher in a relevant field (Community Development, Social Inclusion, Communications, Public Relations, Sociology) with at least a minimum of three (3) years of experience working in the field of Community Development/ Social Inclusion, Agri-Business, Rural Development, Extension Services or any other relevant field related to the assignment at hand.

3. Administrative Assistant (positions available on contingency)
Job Objectives

Office Management and Communication
Organization and Time Management
Support to administrative and logistical services
Support to office maintenance and assets management
Support to the day-to-day project and community mobilization activities.

Specific Duties

Coordinating Schedules, arranging meetings, distributing memos and reports and ensuring that everyone is kept current of necessary Project information at local level in the district
Carry out administrative duties such as filing, typing and data entry among other clerical duties
Providing general information to visitors about the Project services
Assist the Community Based Mobilization Officer in running the local office at district level.
Ensuring office supplies are maintained, including checking inventory and working with vendors to ensure adequate levels of necessary supplies at all times.
Assist Community Based Mobilization Officer in the day-to-day project and community mobilization activities.
Other duties as assigned by Community Based Mobilization Officer or Project Team, by project demand and Employer

The Administrative Assistant shall work under the supervision of Community Based Mobilization Officer in their respective districts.
Qualification and Experience
Certificate or Diploma in public/business administration, social work, management or related field with at least a minimum of Two (2) years of working experience. Candidates based in the following districts: Samfya, Chifunabuli, Lunga, Kawambwa or Nchelenge shall receive first preference.
How to Apply
To apply for consideration to the above positions, applicants are advised to send their CVs and Cover Letters via email to [email protected] Deadline for submission of applications is 25th March, 2022.