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Dear esteemed suppliers,
Further to our previous communication, the UNDP procurement Unit will organize two (2) training sessions for suppliers, around the below topics:

Session 1: “REGISTRATION & NAVIGATION in the new supplier portal/Quantum”
Session 2: “NAVIGATION in Quantum”

  Please note below details and requirements for such events:
Each of the above-mentioned session 1 and 2 will be held physically in Lusaka, with a maximum of 70 participants.
i). Session 1: “REGISTRATION & NAVIGATION in the new supplier portal/Quantum”.
Eligible audience: Suppliers who have not yet been registered in Quantum before.
Content: How to create a profile in the UNDP new supplier portal/Quantum; How to find out UNDP tenders (negotiations), how to create and submit a response to a negotiation.
Session 1 will cover both topics of “Registration of suppliers in Quantum” and “Navigation in Quantum”. Therefore, participants for session 1 are no longer expected to participate to the session 2 below.
ii). Session 2: “NAVIGATION in Quantum”.
Eligible audience: ONLY for suppliers who are already registered in Quantum.
Content: How to find out UNDP tenders (negotiations), how to create and submit a response to a negotiation.
Session 2 will cover the topic “Navigation in Quantum”.
Kindly note that only one (1) participant is expected per supplier.
The supplier representative is expected to attend only one training session. Therefore, you/your company are kindly invited to register only one representative, one time for one training session.
Interested suppliers are highly recommended to register at their earliest convenience by following the guidance. Please take a particular attention to the pre-requisites for the registration as detailed below.
Another batches of trainings could however be arranged later for suppliers who are not able to register due to the limited number of participants (70 pax per session).
Prior registering to one of the proposed trainings, please take few minutes to check the registration status of you/your company profile in Quantum. This step will assist you in identifying which training session is the most relevant for you/your company.
Therefore, kindly login to the platform: Supplier Portal
i). If the login fails, you/your company profile has not yet been registered in Quantum and you are kindly advised to register for session 1 training.
ii). If the login is successful, you/your company profile has already been registered in Quantum and you fit for session 2 training. Additionally, you are requested to safely store the User ID and password of you/your company profile and use the same, every time you wish to login to Quantum.
After identifying you/your company registration status in Quantum as per above step and guidance, you are kindly invited to register in ONLY one of the following sessions:

Eligible Audience
Registration link for participating to this training
Date of training
Time of training
Venue of training

REGISTRATION & NAVIGATION in the new supplier portal/Quantum
Suppliers who have not yet registered in Quantum before
Link here
9-12 am
in Lusaka, TBC

Suppliers who are already pre-registered in Quantum
  Link here
9-11 am
in Lusaka, TBC

In order to prepare the logistic for the trainings, interested suppliers are kindly invited to register for their preferred session before COB of 25th April 2023.
Another communication will be shared shortly (no later than 5th May 2023) to the final attendees list for each session only. Such communication will especially provide details of the venue for each training session. Kindly keep checking your emails.
The day of the training, each participant is kindly invited to bring a laptop with his/her own Wi-Fi.
We look forward to your early registration for your preferred training session.
Best regards,
UNDP Procurement Unit

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