PEAS Zambia – Programme Evaluator

Ndola, Copperbelt, Tender Notice Competitive

PEAS Zambia is seeking proposals from interested parties to conduct the first phase of an evaluation study. Responsibilities will include developing the evaluation design and approach; conducting data collection; carrying out necessary quality assurance activities; cleaning and processing data; conducting data analysis; writing Phase I evaluation report.
This call for proposals is in relation to the Phase I evaluation study only. However, there is the possibility that the role would then be extended to the follow-up study that will take place at a later date.
Objective of learning partnership and research questions 

To learn and provide evidence of the most effective approaches to providing secondary education, particularly girls, whilst ensuring Value for Money.
To contribute to the wider education sector discourse, influencing systemic change in the Zambian education system.

For further information about the opportunity, please consult the full Terms of Reference in this link.
The closing date for proposals is 24th December 2021. Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]