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Company Name: WWF Zambia

Company Summary:

Job Description:

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an independent conservation organization, with over 30 million followers and a global network active in nearly 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.
The global program food security and habitat protection in the KAZA (KAZA Arise) is a multination project being implemented in the KAZA region. In Zambia the project is being implemented in three Game Management areas (Mufunta, Sichifulo and Mulobezi). The project aims to promote Agroecology and Healthy Herding while improving food security and reducing human wildlife conflict.
WWF Zambia now invites proposals to provide the following services:

Description of Requirement

Siting and Drilling of 6 Commercial boreholes in different locations as below:
Mulobezi Game Management Area
1. Mabwe and
2. Bushama in Kalobe
Sichifulo Game Management Area
3. Guta Community School in Nyawa Central and
4. Mubuyu Community School in Chooma
Mufunta Game Management Area
5. Mangongi in Litoya  and
6. Section 7 area of Lalafuta


The requirement is for supply of borehole with ‘sweet’ water (i.e. Clean nonSalty water) and suitable for human consumption. Siting cost should be included in the financial proposal and please note . WWF Zambia will not bear the costs of sited dry boreholes. Each stage should clearly state the costs to be incurred;
1.     For Mobilization and Demobilization the following items should be specified:
a)     Type of machinery, equipment and materials that are required at the site to be set up.
b)     The cost for transportation of the borehole drilling machinery and equipment to and from the site based on distance (estimated distance from Lusaka to Dundumwezi is roughly 480 kilometers).
c)      The costs for clearing bush to be sited by Hydrogeolist and costs to provide for vegetation control costs especially under mobilization.
2.  Drilling, please specify the following items:
a)  Minimum depth should be 70 meters with possibility of exceeding based on the geographical location.
b)  Please specify the following cost of materials;
i.            PVC casing per meter,
ii.            screen,
iii.            gravel pack,
iv.            sanitary seal


Supply and Installation of Solar powered pumps including solar system to power the pumps

c) Please provide specifications for the following component of the solar powered system to be installed.
a) Type, Brand and Capacity of the Brushless DC Well Pump
b) Specifications for the (MPPT) Controller
NOTE: Please take into consideration – The MPPT controller must be installed and it should have the following features
a.     low well shutoff and
storage tank overflow sensors.
b.     Type and brand of Solar Panel Modules
NOTE: Specify in detail the solar panel systems size in relation to the pumps power requirements and be able to maintain a good performance in low light conditions.  In addition,  specify the panels range in terms of watts.

Supply and Installation of  water Tank
Supply and installation at the individual sites of 10,000 Litre tanks made of Fiber Glass material.


Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Tank Stands

a) 8 meter Height is required.
b) Indicate the size of angle bars to be used for the stand which should be able to hold a 10,000-litre tank


Reticulation and Civil works

For each of the Boreholes drilled, a water kiosk installed with 6 taps to service the community as a communal water point with tap locking mechanisms is required. Reticulation is estimated as below:
1. From borehole to tank for water storage – 50 Meters
2. From Tank (water storage) to water Kiosk – 50 Meters.

1. WWF Zambia will be considering quotations for borehole drilling.
2. Quotations due date and submission manner
All quotations must be received by email address stated below no later than:

Date and time : Sunday 12 September 2022 at 5pm
Email address : [email protected]
Subject : Borehole drilling

3. Instructions to bidding suppliers:

Language for RFQ: English
All prices should be quoted in: ZMW
Suppliers should attach the following documents

PACRA Certificate of Registration
Valid ZRA Tax Clearance Certificate
Valid trading license (s)
Proposed methodology and approach in the provision of required services.
Provide 3 written client references
g) WARMA Certification

4. Quotations will be rejected under the following:

Incomplete submission
Not meeting required specifications
Request for quotes received after closing date

5. Payment terms: 50% upon signing of contract.
6. Evaluation criteria:
Quotations shall be evaluated to determine the lowest priced (best value) most technically accepted offer that meets WWF Zambia’s delivery schedule requirements:

Completeness of submission and Compliance with specification/ technical requirements
Estimated time of delivery
Lowest price offered
Discounts offered

7. Purchaser’s Right to Vary Requirements at Time of Award:
WWF Zambia reserves the right at the time of making the award of contract to increase or decrease the quantity of goods specified in the Request for Quotation without any change in unit price or other terms and conditions.

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