Request for Proposals: Legal Services

Full Time tbd ZMW / YEAR Closes: July 18, 2022

1. CBM Background
1.1 Introduction
Christoffel Blindenmission e.V is an international Christian development organization whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability.
Christoffel Blindenmission e.V works with partner organizations in low income countries to both develop and ensure that persons with disabilities and their families have ready access to affordable and comprehensive health care and rehabilitation programmes, quality education programs and livelihood opportunities.
Working with persons with disabilities, Christoffel Blindenmission e.V advocates for their inclusion in all aspects of society, and for the inclusion of disability in international cooperation.
Refer to for more details
2. Response Form
Instruction to Proposer: CBM e.V in (Country of Operation) wishes to receive sufficient information to evaluate your firm’s proposal. However, please do not provide unnecessary or excessive information, as this will delay the evaluation process and may ultimately lead to your exclusion from evaluation.
2.1 Executive Summary
Instruction to Proposer: Please provide a brief summary of how your proposal benefits CBM in relation to your provision of Legal Advisory Services in the areas of employment law, immigration, taxation, litigation, contracts, non-profit regulations and governance, disputes and any other areas as may be applicable to a non-profit organisation. (Maximum 2 pages).
2.2 Proposer’s Details
CBM requires understanding of the commercial structure and entity with which it is entering into an arrangement for the provision of Legal advisory services.

Registered company name
Trading name (if applicable)
Type of company ownership (membership of global and or regional legal networks is required)
Company structure
National / International Affiliations and nature of those Relationships
Date & place of incorporation
VAT Number
Registered Organization address
Postal address
Telephone no
Key company contact e-mail Address
Key company contact person’s   name

2.3 Industry and Related Experience
CBM wishes to assess the existing knowledge and experience of the firm and the proposed team members to ensure an efficient and effective service delivery

Please provide details on your firm’s experience in the Social & Development Aid Non-for-Profit / Charity sector in general.
Please provide details of the experience of the team members in the Social & Development Aid sector
Please discuss, without impinging on your independence, how your firm can bring additional Social & Development Sector knowledge and expertise through the Legal advisory services process to CBM to ensure the integrity of our Organization.

2.4 Expertise and Stability of the Proposed Team Members
CBM wishes to assess the relevant experience and expertise of the proposed team members and the management mechanism to ensure team member continuity
a) Please outline the team members who will be providing the legal advisory services, including but not limited to:

Lead Partner
Senior Associate

b) Please discuss your strategy to ensure continuity of team members for the legal advisory services, and how knowledge and relationships will be retained.
2.5 Quality Assurance
CBM wishes to assess the quality assurance mechanisms for the processes of the legal advisory services

Please outline your internal quality control for Legal processes.
Please outline the processes you have to manage future conflicts of interest (perceived or actual) and how these decisions are communicated to CBM
Please provide details of clients in the Social & Development Aid Sector and the types of services provided.

2.6 Financial Viability
Please send us the below:

Are there any significant events, matters or circumstances which have arisen in the last 2 years which may significantly affect provision of the Legal advisory services.
Are there any proceedings, either actual or threatened against your firm, its parent, associated entities or any Partner/Director of the firm or have there been any such proceedings in the last five years? If so what, if any, remedial action has been taken in respect of those actions.
Are there any other factors which could adversely impact on the financial or professional viability of the firm or its key stakeholders to successfully perform the obligations as legal advisor?

2.7 Accreditation and Insurance
CBM wishes to ensure that the legal advisor has the appropriate credentials and insurances.

Is your firm registered by the law society of Zambia?
Are any persons propose to undertake work on this Legal advisory services a disqualified legal advisor Bar of association?
Please provide an outline of the accreditations, registrations, certificates and licenses your company holds that are relevant to the services required.
Please provide a statement that your professional indemnity insurance complies with at least the minimum required by Bar association for your staff etc. The shortlisted respondents will be required to provide proof of current insurance
Please provide details of any limitations or exclusions in your professional indemnity insurance, including but not limited to failure of the team members to follow the firm’s Legal advisory services procedures, failure of the firm to follow the firm’s Quality Assurance procedures.
Please outline any other relevant insurance policies you hold in for firm or partners names

2.8 Engagement Process and Commercial Arrangements
CBM wishes to ensure that the legal advisor has the appropriate “Engagement and Commercial Arrangement” to reflect value for money.

Please provide a copy of your propose engagement letter and proposed terms and conditions of the legal advisory services
Please outline your team members’ hourly rates (excluding VAT).
Please outline your retainer fee (excluding VAT)

2.9 Referees
CBM wishes to retain the right to independently verify the expertise and relationships of our service providers as proposed in your response.
Please provide at least 3 referees, which should include the contact details of the relevant senior executives and appropriate Directors  of clients in the Social and Development  Aid Sector (at least one referee) or the NGO Type or a similar organizational size to CBM e.V. Zambia
2.10 Other Matters
CBM wishes to identify any other matters to be considered and your compliance with the Conditions of this RFP.
Are there any other matters which have not been covered in previous sections that you believe need to be discussed and have taken into consideration when your proposal is evaluated.
3. Evaluation Criteria
The following outlines the high level evaluation criteria to be used to assess the proposals. These criteria are not fully detailed and not in any priority or order of importance:

Technical capability of the firm to undertake legal advisory services with pre-existing knowledge and experience of the Social & Development Aid & NGO Sector.
Technical capability and experience of the team members assigned with pre-existing knowledge and experience of a wide range of interests of Social & Development Aid & NGO Sector.
Minimum of 7 years’ experience in legal practice in the areas of employment law, immigration, taxation, litigation, contracts, non-profit regulations and governance and disputes
At least 10 years’ experience in the areas of highlighted above for the Senior Partners
Company Registration Certificate, Valid Company Registration Certificate with Chamber of Commerce, Valid Tax Compliance Certificate, TIN/PIN Certificate, Company Profile, Advocate Licenses, Profiles of advocates, Submission of recommendation letters
Management of relationship and continuity of staff to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal advisory process for both parties and knowledgeable insights to as one mechanism to assist in enhancing CBM’s financial strength and integrity.
Proven capability for effective communication at all levels within CBM
Proven ability to undertake legal advisory services within the agreed timetable and ensure the timetable provides sufficient time for Management to undertake due diligence on the information provided.
Fee and service delivery model to CBM

3.1 Evaluation Committee
The committee will be constituted in line with CBM’s procurement practice.
Please ensure your proposal is submitted and clearly structured, according to the sections of this advert. All proposals to be submitted by 18th July 2022 to [email protected]

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