Retail Assistant/Cashier at Builders Warehouse Kitwe

Kitwe, Full Time

Builders Warehouse Kitwe
Location: Zambia
State: Kitwe
Job type: Full-Time
Job category: Accounting Jobs in Zambia

Job Description

The responsibilities/functions of the position are:
1. Satisfy internal and external customers

 Approach and greet customers as required when working on the floor and respond to their queries and requests according to our culture of service to customers
Assist customers by taking them to a sales consultant who can provide them with in depth product knowledge and guidance
Carry out duties at the Information Desk as and when scheduled in an efficient manner ensuring that knowledge of in-store promotions, store layout and store management teams is up to date.
Assist customers with price queries
Resolve queries on incorrect pricing/shelf edge ticketing
Report to Front End Manager and Sales Manager if barcodes for specific items are incorrect on the system so that they can be overridden on the system

2. Assist with cashiering

Conduct cashiering duties from time to time as scheduled in order to reduce pressure on front line during peak trading times
Understand all policies and procedures pertaining to handling cash floats and cashing up at the end of a shift.
Collect the float and check the seal number of the float bag to the previous days control.
Obtain a Deposit client card from the banking clerk, record the number on the float register and sign for it when applicable.
Open the float bag, count the float, report any discrepancies to the banking clerk and ensure that these are recorded on the float register which must be signed together with the banking clerk.
Ensure that float has enough change before proceeding to the till point.  Work only on own float, placing it in the till drawer and ensuring that the till drawer is locked and sealed in a till drawer float bag when proceeding to and from the banking office.  Ensure that a security guard escorts you from the banking office to the till point.
  Log in the terminal using your own user ID and password, put the till drawer with the float into the till and lock the till.  Keep the till drawer float bag until the end of the day.
Check your stationery and ensure that you have staples, till rolls and pen, as well as BoE till rolls. Adherence to float collection procedures
Process all sales accurately and according to the laid down business processes which includes collection and delivery sales, sale of gift vouchers and airtime, ringing up correct quantities (especially on items sold in meters) and scanning one item at a time accurately, price differences, incorrect barcodes, items that go below cost, requests for discount, ringing up of repairs.
Accept the following types of tender and process accurately according to laid down business processes:  credit/ debit cards, cash, cheques, vouchers (refund/ gift vouchers), money transfers, accounts, receipt on accounts, discounts.
Ensure that customers goods are packed into the trolley.
Follow laid down business processes for cashing up using the auto cash up on the till.  Put your till drawer into the protective bag, ensuring that you take all Deposit slips with the till drawer and that the banking bag is sealed with the seal captured on the system.
Cash up according to the laid down procedures in the banking office.  Hand all totalled and recorded tender types and the cash up declaration sheet to the banking clerk and returns your Deposit client card.
Record the total float counted at the beginning of the shift, count the float with your supervisor, ensure that the float is sealed and dropped in your presence.
Sign the float register, ensuring that the seal numbers are correct. Adherence to laid down procedures

3. Pick, pack and count stock 

Pack stock from the Receiving and Stock back up areas onto the sales floor on the correct shelves with the correct number of facings.
Place the pricing tickets correctly below the stock for customers to see.
Inform the line manager where pricing tickets are missing so that these can be printed and placed.
Identify damaged stock and inform the line manager so that the necessary process can be implemented.
Carry out verbal orders/instructions from your line manager at all times and if not sure about how to carry out a task, request assistance from your line manager or other senior staff member.
Assist stock contr