School Manager

  • Job Type: Contract
  • Location: Choma, Zambia
  • Date Posted:

Website Company Name: Whispering Hope Private School

Company Summary:

Job Description:

The School Manager, WHO MUST BE A RESIDENT OF CHOMA, plays a crucial role in the effective administration and smooth day-to-day functioning of Whispering Hope Private School. The role holder oversees various aspects of school operations, including financial management, personnel administration, student support, facilities management, and community engagement. By working closely with the school leadership team, staff, students, parents, and external stakeholders, he/she ensures that the school operates efficiently, meets its objectives, and provides a positive learning environment.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:
Strategic Planning:

Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve the school’s educational goals and objectives.
Collaborate with the school board, administrators, and faculty to establish long-term plans and initiatives.

Financial Management:

Prepare and manage the school’s budget, ensuring financial resources are allocated effectively.
Monitor financial performance, control expenditures, and identify areas for cost optimization.

Staff Supervision and Development:

Recruit, hire, and evaluate teachers, administrators, and support staff.
Provide guidance, support, and professional development opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of the staff.
Foster a positive work environment, encouraging collaboration and continuous improvement.

Curriculum Development and Implementation:

Ensure that the school’s curriculum aligns with educational standards and meets the needs of students.
Collaborate with teachers to develop and update curriculum materials, instructional strategies, and assessment methods.
Monitor curriculum implementation, evaluate its effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments.

Student Support and Discipline:

Oversee student enrollment and admission processes.
Implement strategies to support student learning, achievement, and well-being.
Establish and enforce disciplinary policies, ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Community Engagement:

Build and maintain positive relationships with parents, guardians, and the broader community.
Organize and participate in school events, parent-teacher meetings, and
community outreach programs.
Serve as a liaison between the school and external stakeholders, promoting the school’s mission and values.

Facilities and Resources Management:

Ensure the school’s facilities, equipment, and resources are well-maintained and meet safety standards.
Coordinate with relevant personnel for repairs, upgrades, and procurement of necessary resources.
Optimize the utilization of facilities and resources to support educational programs.

Compliance and Reporting:

Ensure compliance with relevant educational laws, regulations, and accreditation standards.
Prepare and submit reports to educational authorities, school boards, and other relevant entities.
Maintain accurate records and documentation related to school operations.

Qualification, Skills and Experience:

Grade 12 Certificate
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with Education, or a related field
Prior experience in school administration or educational leadership roles.
Knowledge of educational policies, regulations, and best practices.
Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities.
Financial management skills to effectively handle budgets and resources.
Familiarity with curriculum development and assessment processes.
Ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.
Commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment

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