Senior HR Manager

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Lusaka, Zambia
  • Date Posted:

Company Name: Concreate Vision Manufacturing Limited

Company Summary:

Job Description:

Senior HR Manager
Department: Human Resources Department
Number of Recruits: 1
Address: Lusaka
Job Description:
1、To Coordinate and plan the overall strategic planning of human resources according to the company’s development strategy
2、To Establish and improve human resource management system, design and develop human resource management model, including: recruitment, training, compensation, performance, and staff team building, etc.
3、According to the company’s development needs, to formulate annual human resources budget planning, organize the development of talent reserves and career development plans to achieve the optimal allocation of the company’s talent
4、To handle timely major HR issues in the management of the company and risk avoidance.
5、To shape, maintain and promote the corporate culture, uphold firmly the company’s forceful invitation and strengthen the cohesion of the staff
6、To develop and organise the implementation of administrative development plans, implementation processes and rules and regulations
Requirements for the position:
1、To be honest and able to work under some pressure;
2、The educational background should be bachelor degree or above in Human Resource Management or other related disciplines, overseas study experience as priority.
3、At least 3 years’ experience in HR administration or general management, and experiences of big international companies as priority.
4、Be familiar with Zambian labour laws and regulations, particularly in the areas of contract management, payroll, insurance,welfare and training
5、Be familiar with immigration laws and regulations of Zambia, responsible for applying for some documents,such as visa,etc.
6、Be familiar with investment laws and companines act and responsible for applying for releveant certifcates.
7、Excellent in public relations , with the ability to deal with emergency.
8、To Shape the company’s image and firmly uphold the core interests and image of the company.
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