Senior Market Research Officer x2

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: Lusaka, Zambia
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Company Name: Concreate Vision Manufacturing Limited

Company Summary:

Job Description:

Senior Market Rearch Officer:
Number of Recruits: 2
Job Description:
1. To serach Suppliers: Develop, identify and review new international suppliers in line with company plans.
2. To conduct international procurement:inquiry, price comparisons, signing of procurement contracts, acceptance check, evaluation and feedback
3. To develop procurement strategies: to search supplier and supplying process control, develop effective procurement strategies and establish stable supply channels
4. To build system: To develop and improve the company’s international procurement system, and optimize the process, control the quality and cost of procurement
5. To analyse the market: be sensitive to market requirements,carry out regular market research, pay attention to market change, focus on the market situation, analyse the market trends, and produce the scientific market research reports
Requirements for the position:
1. To be honest and ambitious;
2. Bachelor’s degree or above,  and overseas study background preferred.
3. 5 years of international sourcing experience in related industries, familiar with overseas supplier development and establishment of network, and daily sourcing workflow
4. Be familiar with the import and export process and the large-scale Zambian import and export companies and related business.
5. Be familiar with the types and price systems of Zambian imports and exports and the dynamics of their international market distribution
6. Skilled in Strong business negotiation,development of public relations, judgment and communication
Tel: 0967179565
Email:[email protected]

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