Short Term Consultancy for National Development Planning Expert

Lusaka, Zambia Salary: TBD

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) is a civil society network of 72 members that
has been building the voice for poor people in the fight against poverty. It was established in
2000, primarily, to ensure that civil society effectively and meaningfully participates in the
formulation, implementation and monitoring of National Development Plans to ensure
government provides a means by which Zambians can effectively strategize on reducing the
escalating levels of poverty.
Since 2005 the government has implemented the Fifth, Sixth, Revised-Sixth and the current
7th National Development Plan as medium-term plans contributing to the realisation of the
country’s Vision 2030. As the 7th National Development is in its final year of implementation,
the government has also commenced with the formulation of the 8th National Development
Plan informed by the 7NDP Mid-Term Review findings and the Issues Paper as per 2014
National Planning and Budgeting Policy and provisions of the recently enacted National
Planning and Budgeting Act of 2020.
Government is also expected to engage with both State and non-state actors, including
Citizens, Civil Society Organisations and Private sector to consult on what the country’s
priorities should be over the next 5 years based on the achievements and shortcomings of the
current Plan. The Civil Society Organisations will equally coordinate their efforts to ensure that
not only is government accountable in the preparation of this Plan, but that it is also inclusive
and participatory in engaging different Stakeholders and citizens as it did with the 7th National
Development Plan.
CSPR will therefore engage a National Development Planning Expert to support CSOs in
preparing 5 position papers on the 8th National Development Plan and submit them to
According to the 2014 National Planning and Budgeting Policy, government should involve all
stakeholders including civil society as well as citizens in the formulation of the National
Development Plans. Furthermore, the 2020 National Planning and Budgeting Act, prescribes
the effective participation of non-state actors at all levels in the national development planning
process. It further obliges the government to take into account the submissions of stakeholders
and call for stakeholders meeting to validate the submissions made. Hence the policy and
legal framework safeguards citizens’ right to participate in national development planning.
The established Cluster Advisory Groups under the 7th National Development Planning are
also constituted by both state and non-state actors. Through these Clusters, the Ministry of
National Development Planning undertakes planning, annual reviews, and evaluation of the
performance of the NDPs. The Civil Society Organisations who participate in these structures
must therefore enhance their coordination and consensus building on what government
priorities should be in the next National Development Plan.
Civil Society Organisations also have alternative Cluster Working Groups (CWGs) through
which they coordinate, share information, strengthen capacity, and engage citizens on the
performance of the NDPs. It is, therefore, imperative that the CSOs are adequately supported
for them to participate in the formulation of the country’s next National Development Plan
meaningfully and effectively. This will ensure that citizen voices are reflected in the national
development agenda of the country. The involvement of citizens and civic actors in the
development process is also a key pre-requisite for Sustainable Development. It guarantees
sustainable and meaningful impact on poverty reduction, human rights, governance, and
inclusive development.
This is a consultancy position. The consultant will be responsible for the effective identification
of steps and activities that CSPR ought to undertake to facilitate citizen and Civil Society’s
participation for comprehensive input into the 8NDP formulation process. Specifically, the
consultant will be expected to:
Capacity build Lead CSOs on National Development Planning in Zambia.
Coordinate the development of 5 Thematic Position Papers on the upcoming National
Development Plan
Facilitate consultations with stakeholders and CSPR Community groups including
(women, youth, and children) on the 8th National Development Plan
Facilitate the peer review of the draft position papers
Undertake verification of data, information and issues cited by the Civil Society
Organisations in their Position Papers.
Provide Expert advice to the CSPR focal point person on 8NDP engagements.
Conduct a desk review of national assessments and reports and submit an inception
report including a consultation methodology, and a detailed work plan for theconsultancy.
Conduct consultations with key government ministries, local authorities, civil society
organizations and citizen groups in at least 5 provinces.
Expected Outputs and Key Deliverables
Inception Report
First Draft Report
Second Draft Report (Working Document)
Final Draft Report (Civil Society Perspective of the 8th National Development Plan-
Shadow Plan)
CSPR Zambia would like to invite interested and eligible Policy Specialists and Experts to
submit a proposal in the form of a brief outline of the works to be undertaken. The proposal
should not be more than 2,000 words addressing the entire Terms of Reference. Other
documents to be attached to the proposal should include Cover Letter, Financial Proposal,
CVs of Lead Consultant(s) and Three Traceable References.
The Consultancy Period is 30 Days starting 29th March 2021.
The Consultant(s)will be primarily shortlisted based on the following criteria:
Minimum of a Master’s degree from a credible University in Economics, Planning,
Development Studies or any relevant Social Science. A Doctorate (PhD) will be an
added advantage.
At least 7 years of experience of working within the public policy sphere with
government in Zambia
Practical understanding and knowledge of the challenges and solutions to global,
regional, and national development trends (e.g. SDGs, Climate Change, Economic
Recessions, Integrated Development Approaches, and Poverty)
Demonstrated knowledge and experience with the National Development Planning
and Budgeting process in Zambia based on the 2014 National Planning and Budgeting
Policy and the 2020 National Planning and Budgeting Act.
Very good appreciation of the Civil Society Landscape in Zambia and the factors that
affect its operations.
Excellent facilitation and writing skills.
Ability to deliver on major products within uncompromised deadlines.
Besides showing the presence of the team requirements as presented under 4.7, the proposal
should demonstrate:
Correct understanding of the Terms of Reference,
Innovative and sustainable approaches towards supporting CSOs participation in the
National Development Planning process.
All electronic applications must be emailed to and copied to They should be captioned with the Subject: “CSPR 8th
National Development Plan Expert Consultancy”.
No physical submissions will be receipted, and applicants are encouraged to follow up with a
phone call confirmation on +260 971 815 349.
All queries must be addressed to the email or phone number indicated above.

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