Field Enumerators

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Signifide Group International Limited is Headquartered in Kenya. it was founded in Rwanda in 2012, Kenya in 2014 and Zambia in 2018, as a corporation limited by guarantee. Our main purpose is to drive growth and transform markets for ladies and youth across 4 Key Economic Sectors in Africa; namely, enterprise, inclusive finance, renewable energy and agriculture. Our areas of focus include: Trade, Youth Empowerment, Research & Data and Gender & Youth Consulting Services.


The enumerators will support the Results Measurement team to hold out fieldwork and other research activities which can be required by our clients. The Enumerator’s contract is on a need-for-work basis and isn’t a full-time role. The enumerators, working under the supervision of a search Officer are going to be liable for administering questionnaires to women, men, youth and persons with disability households in rural communities in Zambia. The role requires travel and a number of other days to be spent within the field within the above mentioned provinces.


The enumerators are going to be liable for the following: Assist in collecting data as per the wants of the client. Seek out respondents who fit the suggested profiles in assigned locations and collect data supported questionnaires developed and supplied. Gather and accurately record responses on questionnaires provided Ensure that questionnaires are thoroughly checked and completed. Submit completed questionnaires and other equipment utilized in fieldwork and if required to try to to so, compile his/her findings during a required format. As a part of each assignment, participate in briefings, perform data collection, data entry and/or reporting. Recognize and provides account of problems in obtaining data and supply useful feedback from field research activities Work consistent with the client’s needs and on a project-by-project basis.

REPORTING LINES AND AMENDMENT OF ToR Enumerators will add the sector under the guidance and supervision of the Research Officers and can report back to the Research Manager or his designee as designated by the Team Leader. Signifide Group International reserves the proper to revise (in consultation with the enumerators) the scope of labor of the enumerators or the title of the work. ESSENTIAL TRAITS Honesty: Shows a high level of integrity and can not fabricate responses or misrepresent the programme. Communication: Confidently expresses self, ready to clearly ask questions and help the respondent understand what’s needed from her/him. Relationship Builder: ready to build trust with people at the agricultural level and maintain confidentiality. Cultural Awareness: Must remember of and sensitive to the cultural expectations of communities within the provinces. Accuracy: Must be ready to interpret and record responses appropriately without distorting the respondent’s meaning or confusing the reader. Endurance: Must be ready to work for full day working hours within the field across variety of days. EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS Enumerators should have; A degree or equivalent in Statistics, Economics, Business, Agriculture or the Social Sciences; Experience in data collection, administering questionnaires and conducting interviews, data collection and data entry; Experience or knowledge of the chosen provinces is an advantage; Willingness to find out and explore new experiences Fluency in speaking and understanding English, the local language of the province, and preferably Nyanja.


Applicants are required to settle on one province of preference. Cost of travel and accommodation to the provinces are going to be covered. Locations: Luapula Province Copperbelt Province Southern Province Eastern Province Lusaka Province Western Province Central Province


The contract is predicated on a “need for work” basis and remuneration are going to be paid supported the tasks administered. The enumerators might not work or be reimbursed for days beyond the utmost approved work/travel days without prior written approval from Signifide Group International. In no case shall the enumerators be reimbursed for quite eight (8) hours during an approved work/travel day and should not be purchased work on Saturdays and Sundays unless agreed beforehand. Applications: Please send your CV/Resume, a maximum of three pages, and a cover letter explaining how your skills and experiences match those needed for this post to: on or before 30th September 2020. Application must include Province of choice. Please make sure that you include the names and full contact details of three referees on your CV. Please confirm that you simply include your language skills in your CV. Applications will only be accepted from people that have selected one province from the list above. e.g. Southern Province: Enumerator application women, youth under 24 and persons with disability are highly encouraged to use.

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