Sales Manager at Silverest Gardens Housing Project

Full Time

Job Description:

Responsible for the formulation of sales target in each stage of the project, and organize and lead the team to achieve the target.
Combined with each marketing node, the paper puts forward reasonable suggestions on marketing plan.
Regularly carry out sales team meetings and organize professional ability improvement training, and do a good job in talent echelon construction.
Phased establishment and supplement of project team members.
Coordinate all kinds of unexpected events and customer problems in sales.
Clear the payment target and collect the payment on time.
Job Requirements:

At least 3 years working experience in real estate sales, and at least 1 year working experience as an independent team leader.
Master the process of each node of real estate sales, familiar with real estate marketing planning, have unique views on real estate marketing strategy.
Ability to connect with customers independently and maintain good relationship.
Capable of team building and echelon building.
Strong ability to work under pressure, good ability in communication and team work.
Chinese language background is preferred.

The probation period is three months, and the salary will be discussed in person. The salary after becoming a permanent employee is determined by the personal performance.

Interested candidates should email this application letters and CV to: and CC:

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