Social Media Marketing Strategy Assistant

Lusaka, Zambia Applications have closed

We are a small and growing Social media Marketing agency with an opening for a Social Media Marketing Strategy Assistant intern.
Duration: 2 months.
We are based in Lusaka.
Ambition: Our ambition is to grow and become one of the most dominant Social media Marketing agencies in Zambia.
Team: Our team consists of 5 multi-skilled individuals who are able to self-supervise. We are looking to add similar, smart, multi-skilled individuals.
We have no rigid reporting hours or days.
Our working locations are flexible depending on what you find most productive. From home or from our office.
The only rigid times are group meeting times for updates, training, or other functions and occasions.
The other rigid meeting times are when you have an appointment with a client.
Benefits of being part of our team.
You will learn a lot as we have plenty of written material and course on Sales, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing
You will have the freedom to set your working hours based on your personal productivity circle.
Ability and willingness to learn fast.
Hunger to keep up with technology advances and how they affect Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Able to work with minimum supervision.
Capability requirements:
You must be a smart, intelligent, fast learner with at least a basic understanding of the following and be able and willing to learn.
How Social Media Marketing works
Why clients are willing to spend money on it
How Social media Marketing brings real business results to a business.
The psychology of buying
How a business model determines the way a client uses Social Media Marketing
Specific Skills (must have basic knowledge and be willing to learn more)
Paid advertising
Strategy creation
Content strategy
Qualifications(these are not a must but they will give you an added advantage):
Degree or Diploma in Marketing
Certification in Digital Marketing
Certification in Social Media Marketing
Facebook Paid Advertising
Facebook Blueprint Certification
Application Requirements
Please apply with just on document in PDF or word format.
Do not attach ID or education documents.
The document should have:
Your application letter.
Your C.V.
Application email subject should be the word STRATEGY.
Your application letter must state how you have acquired these skills or a basic understanding of them.
Paid advertising
Strategy creation
Content strategy
Answers to the following questions.
How does a mass marketing company’s Social Media Strategy differ from that of an ecommerce store?
What is PPC and how do you determine the most important metric to measure for ads ROI?
What were the last 3 books you read?