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Job Description

Family Legacy Missions Zambia (FLMZ) is a Faith-based organization that upholds Christian values and morals in educating the orphaned and vulnerable children it serves. The organization seeks to recruit suitably qualified, experienced, and competent individuals who will demonstrate commitment to FLMZ’s mission, vision, and values.
Job Summary
The overall responsibility of the Home Economics Teacher is to impart knowledge and skills to the learners. The implementation of scheduled and unscheduled learning activities is in line with the ministry’s policy on education. Monitor the conduct and discipline of learners. Preside over the social, economic, and professional needs of students. Guide Legacy Academy students on expected behavior and hold them accountable for any shortfalls. To create an environment that will enable students to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and psychological development.  Promote the interests of stakeholders who are the learners and caretakers.
Core Capabilities
·        Spiritual Formation Capability:
This capability must be read and applied by the FLMZ Statement of Faith. It includes living out a positive and compassionate service as a follower of Jesus Christ. This includes seeking to develop spiritual maturity, supporting corporate spirituality, and reaching out to students with the Gospel of Peace.
·        Achieving Capability:
This capability is about keeping the end in mind and getting things done to ensure the quality of the program or activity. It involves being proactive and taking personal responsibility for action. It means that work has the desired impact and staff demonstrate a desire to achieve excellence.
·        Thinking Capability:
This capability is about thinking through what is important to the role, task, or issue at hand. It involves analytical, conceptual, and critical thinking to bring greater clarity. It helps people to see underlying assumptions and make sense of ambiguous information or situations.
·        Relational Capability:
This capability is about being able to formally and informally assert opinions, influence others, build bridges between dissenting views, and attract people toward a shared understanding. It means influence that causes others to willingly alter their perspective.
·        Self-Managing Capability:
This capability is about prioritizing a wide range of personal and organizational responsibilities and demands. It involves the flexibility, resilience, and assertiveness to hold commitments in balance and in perspective as well as maintaining self-control under pressure. It is also about seeking out personal and professional excellence as well as supporting the development of others.
Dimensions of the Role
Specific Tasks
1.      Student Management
·        Oversee and manage students in assigned classes regarding task management.
·        Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the supervisor.
·        Listen to students concerns and needs and provide feedback at an appropriate time to supervisor.
·        Track attendance of students.
·        Locally initiate mediation in conflict management among students
·        Ensure proper adherence to the policies and goals of the organization for subordinates, such as the Education Policy.
·        Advocate for and ensure the safety and protection of students when reporting child protection or other sensitive issues.
·        Ensure the concerns and needs of Legacy Academy students are attended to so that their work is not disrupted.
·        Maintain a comprehensive assessment report on the performance of each Legacy Academy student. This will be done through consistent monthly tests and School-Based Assessments.
·        Assess teacher’s requests for absence at work and initiate measures to ensure learners scheduled learning program are catered for.
·        Document and maintain in a Teacher Binder with lesson plans, schemes of work and records sheets.
·        Document learners’ cases of indiscipline for reference and decision making.
2.      Leadership
·        Engage in decision-making consultation with supervisors.
·        Create a school culture that promotes good values among learners as required by the ministry policies.
·        To stimulate and promote a culture of togetherness, cohesion, unity among the class students.
·        Provide incentives for and encouragement to students through words of affirmations and more.
·        Provide suggestions to the head teacher about appropriate solutions to problems that threaten smooth implementation of academic activities at a campus.
·        Promptly forward academic students’ needs and concerns to the Head.
·        Be a role model to all students in a holistic manner.
3.      Lesson Delivery
·        Use schemes of work based on the new revised curriculum and produce a detailed lesson plan that promotes effective teaching.
·        Model academic students in the use of the English language in class and at the school campus for effective learning and communication.
·        Promote the use of English language at the Legacy Academy and learners within the school grounds and in the classroom.
·        Implement skills learnt during workshops and trainings organized by the ministry, this includes school-based trainings as well.
·        Implement the teaching of students is in their power zones.
·        Hold students accountable for failure to follow laid down school rules. This will be done using the Classroom Management Step Plan and Incident Report. This should be reflected in the teacher binder.
·        Design and implement appropriate remedial and interventions to improve the performance of struggling students in various courses.
·        Submit lesson plans weekly and schemes of work at the start of the term to the Head teacher.
4.      Student Discipline
·        Handle, document students disciplinary and grievance cases according to the outlined legacy academic students and learner’s code of conduct.
·        Liaise with Social Services and Headteacher on issues that affect learner’s welfare such as incidences of child abuse, prolonged absence from school, readmissions and parent conferencing.
5.      Time Management
·        When on duty, ensure students report for work on time, begin scheduled learning activities on time, break, assembly, lunch and dismissal are conducted accordingly to scheduled times.
·        The Class Teacher should arrive at the at least 30 minutes before students arrive, maintain attendance roster on each school day to monitor reporting time.
·        Monitor learner’s punctuality and apply appropriate measures to curb late coming.
6.      School Environment and Maintenance
·        Ensure toilets and classrooms responsible for are clean to expected standards.
·        Receive and create an inventory for all class items/ supplies assigned to the class teacher by the Head.
·        Sensitize students on the prudent use of class resources and materials. Teach students to show gratitude to their sponsors.
7.      Communication
·        Follow the laid down channels of communication with the Head and all other staff.
·        Promptly communicate using retrievable mode important information to the Head.
8.      Classroom Security
·        Ensure that the assigned classroom is locked at the end of each day school day and submit the keys. Keys should not be given to students.
·        Ensure students are not left unsupervised.
9.      Records Management
·        Maintain a teacher binder. The binder will contain records for the following data:
·        Student List
·        Student Attendance List
·        Behavior Log
·        Lesson plan
·        Schemes of Work
·        School Curriculum
·        Records Report
·        Incident Reports
·        Any other forms deemed necessary by the FLMZ office
10.  Exams
·        Administer locally set tests
·        Invigilate national examinations in a malpractice free environment.
·        Provide credible and accurate information on learners as requested by the Head teacher and Program Manager.
·        Administer and record School-Based Assessments for Grade 5 to 12
The Employee shall also be expected to undertake any responsibilities as may be delegated by his or her supervisor.
Human Resources – updating HR through the direct supervisor on staff welfare and other related issues
Other skills / Success factors:
·        Demonstrate commitment to FL’s mission, vision, and values.
·        Share knowledge and experience.
·        Actively work towards continuing personal learning and development and apply newly acquired skills.
·        Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive constructive attitude.
·        Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
·        Remains calm, in control, and good-humored even under pressure.
·        Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
·        Responds positively to critical feedback and offers points of view.
·        Solicits feedback from co-workers about the impact of his/her behavior
·        High moral standing and integrity
·        Passionate about the welfare of learners
·        Demonstrates ability to foster and maintain appropriate and engaging relationships with children.
·        Adhere to all deadlines.
·        Complete SEL training and adhere to all policies and procedures.
Academic and Professional Requirements:
·        Grade 12 certificate.
·        Diploma in Secondary Education or equivalent
·        Teaching Council of Zambia Certified
·        Must have worked in a similar position for 3 years
·        Must be computer literate
How to apply:
Follow the link HERE and complete the application process by sending your CV and qualifications clearly labeling the position applied for in the subject line to [email protected]
Closing date: 17 hours on Friday 12th January 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Job Summary

Lusaka, Zambia Location
Full Time Job Type
Family Legacy

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