Terms of Reference – Summarize and Translate the Gender Equity and Equality Act.

ActionAid Zambia (AAZ) is a member of the ActionAid International Federation and its vision is to see a just and poverty-free Zambia in which every person enjoys the right to a life of dignity. In trying to realize its vision, AAZ works with poor and excluded people to end poverty and injustice.
As of 2020, Zambia’s population was about 17,426,623. Of this number, over 55% of the population are women, despite being the majority, they continue to be very few in positions of leadership and to be actively involved in National and local level developmental activities. However, there are policy documents and provisions that aim at advancing the plight of women to have equal access to opportunities and resources as men. Among them is the National gender equity and equality act. Despite having such documents in place, very few women and local people can read and understand the content, worse still have access to the documents. This is mostly due to high illiteracy levels in rural communities and urban alike. In order to have a full appreciation of the document and utilise it to hold policymakers accountable to gender equality and equity issues, Action Aid Zambia engages with rural communities, women, and youth to appreciate the content of the relevant policy documents and put it into action. It is for this reason that Action Aid Zambia intends to summarize and translate the Gender Equity and equality act for engaging women and community members in the target districts of operation.
The summarized and translated document will enable local women and men alike to understand provisions of the gender policy and hold accountable office bearers in their districts to provide what they commit as the booklets shall be in local language familiar with target audiences. The summarized tool shall be used to engage community women and men on women’s rights and participation in developmental and leadership issues.
ActionAid Zambia, therefore, wishes to engage a Consultant to “Summarize and Translate the Zambia National Gender Equity and Equality Act’’.
Scope of Work
Summarize the Provisions of the Gender Equity and Equality Act and produce a simplified version of the Act
Translate the summarized & simplified version of the Gender Equity and Equality Act in Lozi, Bemba, and Namwanga.
The Consultant will work closely with the ministry of gender (MOG) in having the summary approved, he or she will call for a validation meeting with representatives from MOG and key stakeholders to input and approve the content before translating. A validation meeting shall be called for with at least key stakeholders i.e. Local languages experts to approve the translated versions.
Summarized and Simplified Version of the Gender Equity and Equality Act
Simplified Bemba version of the Gender Equity and Equality Act
Simplified Lozi version of the Gender Equity and Equality Act
Simplified Namwanga version of the Gender Equity and Equality Act
Time Schedule
The consultancy is expected to be undertaken from 23rd Feb 2021 to 23rd March 2021. inclusive of validation of draft booklets/policy documents and submission of final summarized policy document/booklets.
Bid Submission
Prospective consultants should submit the following.
Not more than 4 pages technical proposal highlighting how they intend to undertake the task at hand.
Not more than 2 pages financial proposal
A Curriculum Vitae (CV)
With samples of similar works done (1 or 2 samples electronically submitted).
Share a hard copy of the gender equity and equality Act.
Qualifications and Competencies
The consultant should have the following qualifications:
Degree or master’s degree in Development studies, education, Zambian Languages / Language, or journalism.
Demonstrated knowledge of policy development and analysis highly recommended.
Knowledge and experience of Zambia Gender policies or laws that speak to women and gender.
Sound relationship with key stakeholders especially the Ministry of Gender.
Demonstrated ability to prepare deliverables of good quality on time.
Experience in undertaking similar assignments with reputable institutions.
Good report writing skills in both English and local languages (Bemba, Namwanga, and Lozi).
How to apply
The closing date for receipt of bids is 21st Feb 2021 and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications to be addressed to the following email addresses: clearly marked as follows: ‘’Summarization and translation of the Zambia gender equity and equality act’’. Applications should be emailed to Info.Zambia@actionaid.org and Musonda.kabinga@actionaid.org copying in Ketty.simasiku@actionaid.org