TERMS OF REFERENCE – WWF Feasibility Study for a BMZ-BENGO Project Proposal

Zambia Salary:

Terms of Reference for this Service Procurement
Applicable law: Public Procurement Law of Germany and BMZ’s Contract Award Procedure for Supplies and Services
Contracting agency: WWF Germany, Reinhardtstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Type of contracting agency: Non-profit, non-governmental, charity organisation
Title: Procurement of Services: WWF Feasibility Study for a BMZ-BENGO Project Proposal Food security and Habitat conservation in KAZA TFCA (namely Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia)
Type of Contract: Consulting Services
Consulting services will include the following Work Packages:
Identification of most suitable activities per output, target area, target groups and baselines for the indicators per target area considering multi-level approach (micro, meso, macro level)
Stakeholder analyses, database and development of a stakeholder engagement plan
Preliminary screening of the project, stakeholders, partners, activities and sites in regard to the requirements for WWF’s Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework (ESSF) (checklist, screening tool, risk analysis, etc)
Due diligence of Namibian partner regarding capacities for effective administration, financial management of project funds and implementation as well as ESSF
Identification of suitable local implementing partners in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Composition of the Consulting Team (1 ESS Expert, 1 environmental/agricultural expert per country):
Consultants must be resident in one of the target countries
1) Feasibility study report including ESSF documents, risk analysis, stakeholder database, engagement plan and others as agreed
2) specific sections of the full proposal
Award criteria: Price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated in the procurement documents
Duration of the contract:
Estimated Start of the contract: start asap – 15th March 2021
The contract is subject to renewal: no
Information about funds:
The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by the German Government, BMZ (grant) and Project Partners (own funds)
Additional information: Right of the granting governmental organization for audit according to the project approval
Type of procedure: Negotiate procedure after invitation
Time limit for sending the proposals: February 12th 2021
Time limit for sending questions to this tender is: 2 days before the deadline
Opening of the tenders: 1 day after the deadline for sending, at WWF Berlin Office
Language in which tenders are requested: English
Address where the tenders shall be send, duly signed (scan send via email is sufficient), within the time limit:
WWF Germany, Brit Reichelt-Zolho (brit.reichelt-zolho@wwf.de), email tender sufficient/ Postcode 100037
TERMS OF REFERENCE – WWF Feasibility Study for a BMZ-BENGO Project Proposal