Human Anatomy Lecturer

Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia, Full Time

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The University seeks to recruit suitably qualified individuals for the position “Human Anatomy Lecturer”

Job Description

1. Teaching:

1.1. Proficient usage of Audio Visual and Digital forms of Lecture delivery
1.2. writing lecture material and handouts and presenting information in lectures; seminars and tutorials;
1.3. marking student papers;
1.4. may be member of departmental planning team to determine teaching programme for the academic year;
1.5. takes feedback from students to improve teaching methodologies and content within the department /faculty; for example, will make changes to course material;
1.6. changing and adapting course material following research;
1.7. Providing guidance and advice to students eg career advice or advice regarding personal issues.
1.8. Setting up of Human anatomy labs as per requirements & conducting practical classes In human anatomy LAB
1.9. Take care of Equipment, models and other utilities in Human anatomy lab
1.10. To teach the subject as per the required hours per week with each session being not less than 2 hours
1.11. To ensure that all information is duly uploaded in LMS and ERP (as applicable) on timely basis

2. Research – publications:

2.1. Writing papers on topic relevant to specialist subject area. This will include journals, books and other material.

3. Research – active:

3.1. investigating new areas of research within specialist subject area;
3.2. identifying research topic;
3.3. determining appropriate research methodologies for research;
3.4. adapting research methodologies;
3.5. applying appropriate research methodologies for research and analyzing results/conclusions to formulate new concepts and ideas;
3.6. Writing reports to relevant bodies about progress of research.

4. Examinations:

4.1. writing examination papers;
4.2. marking examination papers for graduate and undergraduate students;
4.3. writing examination reports for faculty/departmental review;
4.4. writing dissertation reports;
4.5. Providing references for students.

5. Administration:

5.1. may be member of departmental/faculty subject group, determining teaching requirements;
5.2. actively investigating funding opportunities within area of research – this will include submitting research grant applications;
5.3. may participate in relevant committees within department/faculty;
5.4. May, on occasion, participate in school/University committees where appropriate and/or where invited.

6. External:

6.1. attending conferences in specialist subject area to liaise and network with national/international colleagues the role holder may, on occasion, be invited to give presentations and lectures in his/her specialism and/or organize sessions in conferences or workshops;
6.2. participating in external working groups – on occasions the role holder may be asked to participate in collaborative projects;
6.3. may provide references on behalf of academic colleagues;
6.4. May participate in peer review of publications.

7. Other:

1. Perform any other lawful duties as assigned.


2-4 years of experience required
Master in Human Anatomy
Bachelors in Medicine or Science Degree