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Web Design and Development Services
Request for quotation
In support of the primary objective and current web content, the website should include;

Site Maps
Contact forms
Opt-in forms: a form of consent by the user, acknowledging interest in a product or service offered by the organization and allowing the organization to contact them with further information
Serve as a reliable source of up to date information and current products and services
Allow promotion of developed activities
Provide easy navigation for visitors
Smartphone compatible
Multiple level security contained within the website
Support transactions such as online forms and applications
Have a two-way system allowing customers to communicate and request information
Online payments options for services
Online booking for Lodge
Online team registration for events
Donate button
Call to action
Photo galleries (online sports library)
Social Media Integration
News and Blogs

Any other works as briefed by the client.
Have an easy content management system that will permit non-technical staff to update content on required pages.
Have tracking tools to measure website performance
1. Quotations/proposals should be submitted before the close of business on 22nd February 2022. All submissions are to be done via email at jobs[email protected]
2. The quotation or proposal should contain a total cost of the project, as well as a detailed breakdown of costs for the Website update or maintenance as well as delivery period. It should also include necessary software and hardware, any additional communication requirements, integration needs and potential costs necessary to update the website.
Support Documents and Accompanying Information:

Company profile
Business registration documents
At least three (3) references from previous or current clients who have received services similar to those required herein.
Payment terms and conditions