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The Feed the Future Southern Africa Seed Trade Project (Seed Trade Project) is a USAID- funded project designed to increase the availability of high-quality seed of improved varieties to farmers in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and to contribute to increased agricultural productivity and improved food and nutrition security.
The Seed Trade Project provides targeted technical assistance to facilitate implementation of the SADC Harmonized Seed Regulations (HSR). The HSR seeks to boost seed trade across the region, integrating smaller and more isolated national seed markets into one, larger SADC market. The Seed Trade Project is part of a regional policy effort to improve agricultural productivity, food security and nutrition in the SADC region, and build resiliency within and between SADC nations dealing with drought, famine, flooding, other devastating weather events, and pest infestation.
The purpose of this assignment is to:
Assist in the overhaul of the SADC Seed Centre website, which will house content pertinent to SADC seed stakeholders. The current site is located here: http://www.sadcseedcentre.com/
The Seed Trade Project communications team is currently comprised of one local member of the staff, who works with support from other project staff in Lusaka, Zambia, and a Senior Communications Advisor who works remotely out of Nairobi, Kenya. All project team members are based in Lusaka, Zambia.
Details are below, including estimated timelines:
SADC Seed Centre Website
The Seed Trade Project, while funded by USAID, works to support the SADC Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Directorate (SADC FANR). To this end, the Project will be revamping the SADC Seed Centre website, which currently lives here: http://www.sadcseedcentre.com/. In the last year of the Project, we are tasked with site overhaul with more dynamic content.
The SADC Seed Centre website is currently a stand-alone site. We anticipate that SADC Seed Centre site will be more complex not just with the amount of information, but also functionality. Features will need to include (but are not limited to) the following:
Database and/or pulling information in from outside databases and visually presenting the content in a user-friendly way; portal is being developed separately
Interactive maps
Downloadable PDFs
Success/Impact Stories with photography
RSS feed to filter relevant news stories
Search function
Logos and links to partner pages
Links to social media channels including a LinkedIn community of practice (tentative)
Event pages that can host agendas/programs, RSVPs, etc.
This website will eventually be handed over to the SADC Seed Centre for long-term administration, so a user-friendly CMS is highly recommended, as is collaboration with the Centre’s designated website manager.
We will aim to launch the site in two phases:
Phase 1 Target Date: February 28, 2021
In Phase I, the Project would like to establish the look and feel of the new site and launch the Phase I content which is inclusive of two databases: the SADC Seed Variety Catalogue and the Marketplace Portal. Other upgrades required for Phase I include:
1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Improved Security Features
3. Accessibility Features
4. Web Analytics
For the web analytics tool, please anticipate identifying a best value option and making a recommendation to the Project team. The Project will directly procure the tool and will assume the responsibility for tracking, analysis and reporting.
Phase II Target Date: May 28, 2021
The Project team would like to build on Phase I content and usability and complete the website overhaul during the Phase II launch. Phase II will include the addition/integration of videos, toolkits and relevant reports.
Before the end of the period of performance, the consultant will conduct a training on the management and maintenance of the website, particularly a walk-through of the content management system, and how to add new content. Additionally, the Project team will make recommendations for ongoing upgrades (like social media integration and in-language options).
Mock-ups of 2-3 options for creative direction
Phase I launch of the website by February 28
Phase II launch of the website by May 28
Training to Project communications team on CMS
Please assume the SADC Seed Centre will need to follow branding and marking guidelines in accordance with the SADC Directorate. For the SADC Seed Centre, SADC branding will apply with credited support from USAID through its Feed the Future Southern Africa Seed Trade Project. All photography and content will be provided by the Seed Trade Project.
For day-to-day activities, the Web Designer/Developer will report the Chief of Party or his designee. The consultancy is not dependent on location, although an Africa-based freelancer is preferred for communication and workflow purposes.
The assignment anticipates up to 25 days (200 hours) of LOE to develop creative concepts, build a site according to the approved site map, and conduct quality assurance checks prior to each phased launch.
Eight to ten years of relevant work experience;
Strong creative with firm understanding of user-experience best practices;
Experience working on U.S. Government contracts;
Experience working with USAID or other multinational entity, preferred;
Experience working with culturally diverse teams;
Experience working with and in SADC will be an added advantage
Degree in a relevant discipline such as graphic design, visual arts, marketing, and/or mass communications.