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World Wide Fund for Nature Zambia (WWF Zambia) is part of WWF International, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation with a global network in over 100 countries. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, for the benefit of both people and nature. The organisation operates in Zambia mainly under the authority of a bilateral agreement between the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and the WWF International Secretariat. Further, WWF Zambia is registered under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS). The organisation has been working in Zambia since 1962; focusing on wildlife, forests, freshwater as well as People and livelihoods.

In addition to partnering with government at various levels, WWF Zambia also partners and collaborates with other stakeholders including communities, traditional leaders, institutions of higher learning, researchers and research institutions, community based organisations, civil society organisations as well as other WWF network organisations. In 2020, WWF Zambia partnered with the Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance of Zambia (CSAAZ) and Zambia Community Based Natural Resource Management Forum (ZCBNRMF), through the financial support from WWF Germany and BMZ. This partnership is on an organisation development support project aiming at increasing institutional capacity, representation, learning and sharing of good practices among the three organisations to scale-up conservation impact and livelihoods among communities in Zambia.

1.1   Brief Information on CSAAZ and ZCBNRM Forum[1]

“CSAAZ was founded in 2017 by an alliance of 12 international and local CSOs working in the area of agriculture and conservation in Zambia. In April 2018, CSAAZ was registered under the national NGOs Act. WWF ZAM is one of the 12 founding members. CSAAZ is non-governmental and not-for-profit and is led by a Chairperson selected on a rotating basis from among the 12 founding members – currently Oxfam is performing this role. In addition to CSOs, which make up the majority of its membership, members include academic institutions and the private sector as well as one former employee of the government (Ministry of Agriculture).”

“The CBNRM Forum Zambia was founded in 2005 and was brought into being in the aim of reducing poverty through community-based management of natural resources. The Forum’s emphasis is on creating a secure basis for livelihoods for local communities in Zambia through the sustainable use of natural resources, including forestry, fisheries, water, agriculture, land and wildlife. The CBNRM Forum is an umbrella organisation for community-based organisations and institutions with an interest in CBNRM in Zambia.”


One of the interventions of the OD support project for WWF Zambia, CSAAZ and ZCBNRMF is to strengthen the leadership, management and coaching capacities of the organisations. So, WWF Zambia Country Office now invites applications from qualified consulting companies or individual consultants, to conduct capacity enhancement training on leadership, management and coaching to selected personnel of WWF Zambia, CSAAZ and ZCBNRMF. These ToRs therefore outline requirements of the consultancy to conduct the said training.

2.1 Objectives of the Leadership, Management and Coaching Training Consultancy

The following are the objectives to be achieved in the areas of leadership, management and coaching, by the end of the training:

To impart participants with increased knowledge and understanding of skills, practices and competences that they need in order to inspire high performance in their respective teams and organisations;
To help participants practice skills through skills-building exercises and role-plays during the training;
To provide participants with training notes/resources that they can refer to during and after the training;
To help participants identify ways and have insight of how they can apply and further improve their leadership, management and coaching skills in their jobs on on-going basis after the training.
2.2 Scope of Work

The training shall be conducted in two (2) separate groups:

WWFZCO group (a total of about 30 participants). For practicable reasons, i.e. not to drastically affect WWFZCO’s operations, this group may be split and trained in 2 sub-groups if resources permit;
For CSAAZ and ZCBNRMF combined group (a total of about 20 participants).
The consultant’s quotations and reports for the consultancy shall be specific to those 2 groups.

The following is the scope of work for this assignment:

Based on these terms of reference develop the training package, articulating (i) training content, (ii) training methodology and methods, (iii) training programme/schedule.
Develop a pre-and post-training assessment to evaluate the effectiveness (in terms of immediate outcomes) of the training and administer the same before the start and at the end of the training event;
Implement the training, as outlined in (a) and (b) above;
Produce a written report on the training, briefly outlining the training proceedings, what worked well, what did not work well, challenges and recommendations. The report should also have an annex which includes the list of participants and their contact details; summary results of the pre-and post-training assessments
2.3 Approach

The training is envisaged to be for a duration of 3 days; and shall cover basics regarding what leadership is, what it takes to be a good leader, leading others, leading effectively; and with similar coverage on management. The training shall have emphasis on areas (of priority for the partner organisations) that include: leading and managing for high performance/results; leading and managing change; risk management and related tool (risk register); as well as other aspects that ensure increased institutional capacity. In order to ensure high performance results, leaders and managers of the organisations have to manage as coaches and fulfil the requirement to coach and continually build capacity of staff. So the training will also cover coaching: including coaching philosophy and skills actions for coaching. The training approach should be practical, action and result-oriented; with skills-building exercises and role-pays.

2.4 Deliverables

A training package, articulating (i) training content, (ii) training methodology and methods, (iii) training programme/schedule; with (iv) pre-and post-training assessment template to be administered before the start and at the end of the training event, to facilitate ascertainment of the effectiveness in terms of achieving immediate outcomes of the training;
Training handout notes and materials for participants’ reference during and after the training;
Implementation of the training as shall be outlined in aspects in (i) above by consultant and to be approved by WWFZCO;
A written report on the training, clearly outlining the training proceedings, what worked well, what did not work well, challenges and recommendations. The report should also have an annex which includes the list of participants and their contact details; summary results of the pre-and post-training assessments.
2.5 Time-frame

From 16th to 30th November 2020, by which date all deliverables are to be achieved.

2.6 Reporting, Coordination and Payment

The consultant shall report to WWFZCO’s Senior Manager OD&RBM, with whom the consultant will coordinate, including for logistical arrangements and facilitation of any required reference materials from WWFZCO. The Executive Assistant to the Country Director will deputize.
Payment for all the work shall be effected in full upon satisfactory achievement of deliverables as stipulated in 2.4 above.
Qualified consulting companies or individuals are invited to apply for the assignment. The following shall be minimum qualifications:

Experience and track record in successful designing and delivering training in leadership, management and coaching;
Experience in leadership and management;
Experience in providing coaching services in management and leadership;
Individual consultant or lead consultant in case of a consulting company should have at least an advanced degree in Social Sciences, Management, Organisation Development, Psychology, Human Resource Management or any other related fields;
Excellent facilitation and training skills, complemented with good writing skills;
Good analytical and people skills/inter-personal astuteness
Experience in undertaking similar assignments
2.8 Application

Consulting firms and individual consultants meeting the above qualifications are invited to apply in writing.

The application should include (i) covering letter (ii) technical proposal clearly proposing how they intend to carry out the assignment; and a (iii) financial proposal of the breakdown and total costs, including consultancy fee for the assignment (iv) profile of the company and CV of proposed lead-consultant, or CV of individual consultant. The costing in the financial proposal should be in 2 distinct components – i.e. specific to each of the 2 groups noted in 2.2 above.  The application should be as one document.

Applications should be submitted by email, by 19th November 2020, 5pm, to with subject line “Leadership, Management and Coaching Training”, and addressed to The People, Culture & Operations Manager – WWF Zambia.

[1] Extracted from the Project document by WWF-DE/BMZ

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