Consultancy: Most Significant Change Stories

Full Time


1.0. Background

Zambia Civic Education Association (ZCEA) is a non-governmental organization that promotes and protects children’s rights through advocacy and civic education. The organization intends to undertake a study on the Most Significant Change (MSC) under the Child Budget Network (CBN) and Child Rights and Business Principle (CRBPs).
With support of Save the Children International (SCI), ZCEA has been implementing the duo project in 5 districts; Lusaka, Choma and Rufunsa for the CBN project; Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi, Chisamba and Kitwe districts for the CRBP project. CBN interventions has been advocacy for increased public investment by government into child related programmes such as Education, Health and Social Protection while the CRBP project aims at lobbying private sector businesses and firms to support and respect children’s rights in their operations. The duo projects are in their fourth year of implementation, ZCEA therefore intends to undertake an evidence-based finding of some the most significant change stories as a result of its interventions in all the districts that the two projects are being implemented in.

2.0. Rationale

The most significant change study is aimed at assessing the impact of project intervention in the project target areas.

3.0. Objectives of the MSC

To track and monitor the progress of the project in relation to its objectives.
To provide information about the impact of the project from the stakeholder’s and beneficiaries viewpoint.
To establish the unexpected changes resulting from project interventions.
4.0. Duration

The consultancy work is expected to commence in the 1st Week of December 2020 and will be completed within a month.

5.0. Scope of Work

Specifically, the consultant will be responsible for:

1. Designing research methodology and tools.
2. Data collection and analysis
3. Production of reports, both draft and final reports
4. Facilitation of validation meeting with the ZCEA project team and key stakeholders

6.0. Deliverables

1. Draft report
2. Final report with brief version
3. Video documentary/ Video Report

7.0. Qualifications

1. Knowledge of conducting Most Significant Change Stories for NGOs.
2. Demonstrated knowledge of human rights and children’s rights framework will be an added advantage.
3. Should at least be able to communicate in at least three languages, preferably Nyanja, Bemba and Tonga
4. At least 5 years of progressive experience in conducting social research

8.0. Submission of Expression of Interest

All expressions of interest should include:

1. Technical Proposal/Inception report (1page max); brief profile about the consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work; the consultant’s understanding of the Terms of Reference and tasks to be accomplished etc.

2. Financial Proposal (1 page max): This should provide cost estimates for the consultancy (fees based on persons days for the assignment). Tax obligations should be included.

All prospective candidates are advised to follow the application procedure and guidelines provided.

Interested parties should kindly submit the above to the Executive Director copying in

Application email or URL: