How Should Women Dress for a Job Interview

First impressions are also dictated by the presence during a work interview. Dressing up for success is the perfect way to make your prospective future boss look both optimistic and competent. Deciding what to wear is a vital aspect when you prepare for your work interview. Naturally, when introducing yourself as a professional, you want to please your future employer.

We address what women should wear to an interview in this post, as well as what to avoid.

Clothing: Make sure you wear a freshly pressed shirt or blouse that is professional and clean without a deep neckline. Make sure that the skirt is no shorter than two inches above the knee if you wear a skirt. Don’t forget to put your tights under your skirt or your stockings.

Wear a pair of socks, as an alternative.

Colours: More subdued tones would be better suited to the formal atmosphere if you’re heading for an interview with a very corporate organization. Black and dark blue are the perfect company colors, as well as grey or brown. Pair these with a white or pastel colored blouse or shirt. But don’t bring more than three colors and two patterns together.

Jewellery: Stay away from too much jewellery, as too much clanging can cause unwanted distraction, such as large necklaces and bangles. Make sure only discreet earrings are worn.

Your watch should be slim and wear either a wedding band or no rings.

Make-up: Don’t overdo the make-up, keep it natural and traditional and just a light touch of perfume.

Tattoos and piercings: Cover your tattoos and remove piercings from your face.

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